What is the best deal on a B/W Scanner Copier Printer today including cartridge cost?

It seems like all manufacturers nowadays sell good AIO printers CHEAP and then RIP YOU OFF on the cartridges. I have a Lexmark X544 AIO color printer that a set of cartridges costs more than the $450 printer itself. I am sick and tired of Lexmark.

So I am looking for a good scanner that can scan at least 50 pages with the ADF and ideally both sides. I need a color scanner. I don't need fax (have not needed to fax for a while now) and I don't need color printing (a few pages a year doesn't justify the cost of the color cartridges.). B/W laser printing will be enough unless not using color printing will not count down the cartridge chips nor use color toners. I also need it networkable but I don't need WIFI. And... lastly the cartridge has to be CHEAP... like my Lexmark T616 BW laser that costs me $50 a cartridge for 17K pages.

So, what do you use?

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  • 6 years ago
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    So get a B&W Laser AIO. Everybody still makes them. I have a Samsung that works great still.

    Also, you exaggerate somewhat. "Cost more than printer" is only true if you pay full retail and opt for the "ultra high yield" toner for all 4 colors (about $150 each at Staples). And UHY are rated for up to 4000 pages (4x the standard toner).

    While your Lexmark Optra carts are rated for 10K pages... It also costs about $300... two of those very expensive Ultra-high-yield carts you complained about. I guess if you baby it you can get it to 17K pages...

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