If Steam made a game free for the weekend and I used a crack to keep it, is that illegal?

Because they gave people the files to the game.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'm not entirely sure but i'm going to say it's most likely illegal. If steam was intentionally giving you a game for free they would let you keep it; that's the entire point of the whole "trail period" to allow you to test drive the game, not keep it. But, it's not anyone's business to know what you're doing on your PC but if you like the game and have the money just support the developer.

    It is not the crack itself but it's what you want to use it for that can be illegal. Using a crack is illegal when you do not own the original of the game/program yourself. If you copied a game from a friend's original, but you didn't buy the original yourself, or you downloaded the game, or you got some pirated version of it, the use of cracks is illegal.

  • 7 years ago

    Did they also give you the right to keep the game for free forever after the weekend, because I don't think they did. This would basically be like taking a car out for a test drive and then keeping it for free forever because the dealership let you use the car for a bit to see how it works.

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