why did y&r do this ?

to Adam ,making him do the bad things on here? he just started to get his act together, and him having a son and all ,just getting to know him . wow!!! and what do you think Adam should do? that dang music playing,,, and that dam victor ,,,saying this **** about billy leaving Delia in the car, he should have taking her in the store with him in real life, but doesn't someone have to die ,for Connors sake.do you think that Adam will say anything ? he just might, because we didn't find out about the what and who was leaving off of y&r.just that there was sup-post to be a car accident and someone gets killed.and on the b&b what did liam video tape with Stephanie on it? i hope she does kick his butt to the curve cant stand his parrot looking self, and brook is just so slutty .she makes me sick! she moves in just like a snake on to anyone man if she can get her claws into them, and dang isn't she around 50 something ,with the whole pregnancy and miscarriage thing, she mind me of having a witch face that matches her witch personally.what is going to happen in this hit and run case with Adam?

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  • 6 years ago
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    1. Calm down, the first suspect is always accused and looks guilty, its a red herring. He's not the one who killed her, too obvious for one and two he's a main player they wouldn't convict Adam because he would have to leave the show

    2. Victor for once in his life is right- Delia is DEAD because of Billy, there was no god damn reason Billy shouldnt have had her secured in a proper car seat with child proof locks, she was sitting in the backseat in a regular belt and there were no CP locks on the door. Also it was late at night in the middle of nowhere Billy should have taken her into the store, anything could have happened... and it did because of him, I'm with Victor on this

    3. I think Liam sent here a video of him "honoring" their wedding, saying he still loved her and didn't regret marrying her.

  • 6 years ago

    AHHH! I am so mad about this dang storyline! I keep wishing that it was all a trick by Victor or someone and they are setting Billy up, but I guess it's true. I can't watch it anymore-it's just too horrible and sad. And I am absolutely SICK of the baby storylines. Adam's character doesn't really have a part unless he is the bad guy, because he is so annoying with that baby. And, I don't know who killed Delia. I do not think it was Adam, but I do think he will say what happened because he feels guilty. And omg, isn't Chelsea a sweet character? She's such a good friend to Chloe!

    As for the B&B, this show sucks! They have the young cool characters and a perfect shell to have a good storyline, but they continue to bring you down with the stupid love triangles. And Liam made a tribute video to Steffy showcasing their relationship like he did with Hope.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Yeh I was hoping for a better story for Adam. I can't stand Victor atm.

    I hate them making anybody a child killer that's about the lowest thing you can be in a soap.

    Anyway I'm asking similar questions as Kitty. Maybe Victor had something to do with it because this works well for him. Wouldn't put it past him. And is Delia really dead? I think we're all sick of people supposedly being dead then they're alive etc. But we saw no actual death scene.

    Only in soaps lol. I hate to think Victor could be that cruel, he'd cause all this grief to cause problems for Adam and Billy, and take Chloe's child away from her. The cruelest thing you can do, he's a maniac if he had anything to do with it.

  • For one thing we really don't know why they let the girl go who plays Delia, so I guess they had to make a storyline like this get rid of her or for the stake of Connor. But that's the writers for you and if they would just get rid of JFP and her crew I think the storylines would be better.

    As for Adam you know he was always the bad guy since he came to GC in the first place. He is always trying to win Victor over.

    I think that Adam should come clean about what happen.

    There are always a donor out there and Adam just has to be more patience like every other parents has to wait for a donor for their child.

    As for Delia why couldn't they just ship her off to board school like they do the other kids?

    Victor has a thing for Billy Boy because he HATES the ABBOTT's with a passion! and he will NEVER back down..

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  • 6 years ago

    Right now im changing my mind about Adam. I think Victor ran over Delia. He stuck the piece of black fabric into Adams bumper and chipped the glass on his car to make it look like Adam killed her. Now Adam will own up to accidently killed Deilia. Sounds strange but Victor wants to take Adam down piece by piece.

  • 6 years ago

    I don't like Adam being the fall guy again for something, but hoping it turns out to be some kind of plot twist.

  • MAK
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    6 years ago

    As much as viewers do not like Victor ..... I hope the writers wouldn't go as far to make him even that much more heartless? OMG I hope not

  • Kathy
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    6 years ago

    He will probably find a way out of it, just like he has done before when he was in trouble.

  • 6 years ago

    well yeah I like Adam being bad. but um... well I don't know.

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