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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 7 years ago

can you get busted for owning pirated software?

If I have pirated adobe software installed, but no trace of downloading/torrenting it, am I still liable to get hunted down by the law? I am worried the software will connect to the internet and show up as a non-legit copy. However, I also know that it is illegal to pirate software, but maybe not necessarily own the pirated software. I would like clarification from a knowledgeable person if possible.

No "personal opinions" please

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  • 7 years ago
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    Doubtful police officers will knock down your door. Though technically you can be held responsible see:

    law enforcement is looking for piracy distributes (e.g. people who upload pirated software and distribute it) and software companies are targeting other companies who break licensing agreements and use pirated software. Oracle/Microsoft are much more likely to get more money out of suing AAA Inc. than suing John Doe. The costs to file a law suit are not negligible and there is no reason for them to go after individuals. The Music industry did that and it caused them a PR nightmare that to this day they haven't extracted themselves from.

    The real threat you should worry about is that more than likely that there is a trojan installed as part of the pirated software and your computer can be accessed by a hacker as part of a botnet.

    That means that your computer can be used to launch attacks against other websites, commit illegal acts such as distribution of illicit materials and distribute spam. This will also, depending on the trojan, enable a hacker to read your keystrokes, steal all your passwords, access your online accounts, potentially hack your bank accounts and steal your identity (depending on what information you have stored on your PC). Antivirus software is not enough to detect malicious trojans embedded in pirated software, you would need to be very careful and usually the risk is not worth the reward.

    Hope this helps!

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes, of course, you can be prosecuted.

    And to clarify: If you PIRATED it, you don't OWN it, because you stole it. And when Adobe finds out, they have every right to come after you.

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  • Doesn't matter how you got it. You did not pay for it and don't have a legal license. If caught with it you could be fined and/or prosecuted.


    You do not own what you do not buy or legally obtain.

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