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tryin to find birth mpther?

Patricia Ann Oldfield born New york .parents frank desmore ruth oldfield married to william a bailey 2/15/57 in redondo beach ca

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    I can't help you specifically, but some general hints:

    Unless Grayson M supplies a source, I'd suspect his research.

    What are now called "reference" questions in this category have hundreds of questions about finding birth parents. The answers are full of links and tips. Try searching them.

    has the marriage. It says she was 18 at the time, which means she was born about 1939.

    She's be 74 today. There is a chance she has died. The site above has the Social Security Death Index among its collections, but there are a lot of Patricia Baileys, and she may have divorced and remarried since 1957. If you know her exact birthday I'll look for her in; write to me via my profile.

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    Looked her up

    She's dead

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