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please help!! political science!!!!true or false!!! JUST 2 questions?


I just need to whether this 2 questions are true or false!!! yes, it is my homework, and the reason for asking for your help is because i just couldn't find an answer.

T/F . When one group tell another, "you support me on my issue and I'll support you on your issue", they are swiftboating.(apparently that is a word)

T/F. Congress can require that lobbyists and organizations disclose their identity.

Thanks in advance for helping me with this, I really appreciate it.

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    Swiftboating is an underhanded and dirty attack on an opponents reputation.

    The Lobbying Disclosure Act requires all lobbyists to be registered. Which means yes, their identities are known.

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    1) False - "swiftboating" refers to a tactic used during the Kerry-Bush election in which Kerry was maligned for his actions in Vietnam when he was in charge of a "swiftboat".

    2) ? - All lobbying groups must be registered with the Federal government; however tax-exempt organizations need not provide their membership lists.

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