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Danielle asked in HealthWomen's Health · 7 years ago

Questions about birth control?

I got my first period when I was 12, and I will be turning 16 in January. My period has always been extremely irregular. Instead of a month in between periods, I can have 3 - 5 months; rarely it will be a month or two. I once went 10 months between periods - I was 14!! My mom is now looking into birth control to regulate it. My irregularity might also be the cause of my bad acne - but I'm not positive. I am scared that birth control will make my acne worse, or that it will cause weight gain (from stories I've heard). Will this happen? Is there anything about birth control I should be aware of??

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  • Kasha
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    7 years ago
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    Hormonal birth control does NOT regulate periods. The idea methods like the pill regulate periods is a myth due to misunderstanding of menstruation, menstrual cycles, and how hormonal birth control methods like the pill work.

    Menstruation isn't just vaginal bleeding, it is a body-wide physical and neurological change as part of hormonal changes during your menstrual cycles - irregular menstrual cycles are completely normal at your age due to the fact your body is still developing, the reason they're irregular is because you are not ovulating on a regular basis or because your hormone levels are not constant yet.

    Hormonal birth control works by overriding your natural hormone levels in order to suppress your menstrual cycles all together in order to prevent ovulation, thus as it stops ovulation it also stops menstruation. The bleeding women experience on birth control like the pill is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when going from active to inactive pills, not a period.

    There are many side-effects from taking hormonal birth control, weight-gain is the least of the problems (a small amount of water weight gain, or it can effect fat distribution and muscle development), other side-effects include increased vaginal infections, acne, irregular bleeding, tender breasts, lowered sex drive, eye problems, depression, anxiety, thrombosis, stroke, etc. In younger women it may increase risks of breast cancer and long-term bone density problems.

    As hormonal birth control suppresses your cycles it effects your body as a whole so you would lose benefits of your cycles such as improved mental skills or energy levels at certain points in your menstrual cycles. It can effect your bodies ability to absorb and utilise vitamins and minerals, as well as effect your immunity. It would also stop you learning what is normal for your menstrual cycles, this is an important part of caring for your sexual health long-term.

    Your irregular cycles and acne may be due to hormone irregularity - normal in your teens, and both will improve as you get older. You can help regulate your hormones by staying healthy, take a daily multi-vitamin, take daily herbal treatments like chaste tree or evening primrose oil, or use lunaception to get your body ovulating regularly. Learn to use fertility awareness method so you know what's happening with your cycles and when your period is due, and try oil cleaning method for your acne.

    Using hormonal birth control or not is YOUR CHOICE - your mom and your doctor cannot force you to use the pill if you do not want to, your mom may think it is best for you based on ignorance of what the pill does, and your doctor may suggest the pill to prevent teen pregnancy. This is your body and your health, which may be seriously effected or effected long-term by being on hormonal birth control, so you have to make an educated choice about whether to use hormonal birth control.

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  • Cyn
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    I agree with JAY-JAY... To me... Birth control (hormonal) will mess your body up on it or off it. I was on the depo shot, and OMG it was the most horrible experience of my life. I felt like i was dying. Now, that i am off it I still feel like crap, but a lot better as my body gets itself back on track. I will say this, after I stopped birth control my face broke out with big red pimples. I would get rid of a few, then BAM there was 2 more. Any time our body is taking in hormones then expect your body to do weird things, seriously LOL. I will never get on birth control ever again. My birth control is NO SEX, lol. I also want to add if you take the pills to regulate our periods, then what you going to take to get your body back on track when you stop it? Like JAY-JAY said the pills do not regulate your periods.

    You can expect all kinds of weird things to happen while on birth control, but then again some women do not experience NOTHING!

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