What are some common societal issues shared by India and Nigeria?

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    Corruption, corruption and...corruption.

    India and Nigeria are huge countries that shouldn't

    exist. They should be divided into separate states.

    Because as long as their are caste, culture, tribal,

    and religious division... such countries will never

    achieve true democracy and an equal share of wealth.

    People only focus on the cliché aspects of colonialism.

    Such as imperialism, murder, plunder of resources etc.

    But rarely do people pay attention to the little details

    that are responsible for why these countries are so

    unstable. The fact they weren't "countries" or nations

    to begin with. That was a Colonial imperialistic invention,

    that is entirely a foreign concept to these people. Which

    resulted in rival tribes and conflicting religious/cultural

    views packed into one container forced to live with one

    another. Then the imperialists leave these countries, and

    now say "look at how unstable and uncivilised they are".

    Which is hypocritical and carelessly convenient to say

    the least.

    I mean think about it. If you look at the most successful

    countries. Particularly in the past, resulting to where they

    are today. They have one primary religion, one goal, same

    cultural practices, same language, one entity, nationalism.

    Countries in Africa, or a country like India are very different.

    The tribal, cultural, and religious division is vast. To unite

    under one purpose isn't as simple as you would think.

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