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What kind of lighting should I use to get good results for video?

I just got a Canon 60D, was impressed with all I can do with video and was wanting to get more into it. I thought maybe adding some light would help the quality of my videos, but I'm having trouble deciding what would be the best option for me that gives good quality at low prices.

My budget for this would be no more than $180. I'm currently looking at two things from amazon that's in this price range. One is Fluorescent and one is LED. Here are the links...

I don't mind starting with one light, so if there is a better option out there, please feel free to make some suggestions.

From what I understand the flourescent is becoming a popular choice, but then I read it doesn't keep a constant white balance and gives off a blue or green hue or something? I read that halogen lights are good, but they produce too much heat....

So, at this point, I just don't know what to choose. Maybe someone can steer me in the right direction.


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    Personaly, I prefer LEDs to CFLs. I am not a video pro, so not very clear about the use or the feature of lighting that needed.

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    Use lights that have a colour temperature between 5000 K and 6500 K.

    >> 6500 K is the standard figure for broadcast video.

    Fluorescents are generally very poor for video,

    partly due to their nondirectional light output.

    There may be a very, very small number of exceptions to this.

    LEDs, especially if they are made specifically for video lighting,

    would certainly be a better choice.

    Amazon is definitely not the place to get them, either.

    Look at the ads in the back half of Popular Photography and similar magazines

    to find photo/video dealers that have the right stuff.

    In any event, you won't find any worthwhile lights

    well suited for shooting video for $180...

    You will need to spend several, if not many, times that figure.

    Keep saving money while you shop for something that will properly do the job.

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