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How much will it cost to go on a trip to Europe?

We would start off in Amsterdam, then go to France and Switzerland on the way to Italy. I would like to visit Florence, Tuscany, and Rome in Italy. Also, what towns would be good to visit out in the country of France, Switzerland, or Germany.

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  • 7 years ago
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    In France, I particularly like Eze near the Italian border - especially the medieval part on the mountain. You could also consider Argentat or Saint Emilion. In Switzerland, Appenzell and/or Andermatt would be great choices. In Germany, consider places like Rothenburg ab der Tauber, Rüdesheim or Mittenwald.

    Prices depend on exactly where you start from, where you fly into, the kind of places you stay and what you see/do/eat, how many people are going ... . People who backpack generally can get by for $100 US per day staying in cheap hostels and carefully watching their budget (not including airfare). However, if you stay in hotels, it will cost you more. I usually spend 100 to 150 euro a night for a hotel just for myself, but there are cheaper places.

    Here are some resources that can help you plan and check options and current prices for your trip (expect prices in the future to rise): - airfares & hotels; the explore function is useful for finding the less expensive places to fly into from your starting point. - particularly good for budget flights within Europe, but you can also use everywhere as a destination to do something like the explore option on Kayak. You may not need the airfares, but you can compare to the cost of the trains to get around. this one may be more useful for you. - a great train site with details about railpasses. It can be cheaper to buy individual tickets than passes. This site will tell you how to determine whether you're better off with a railpass or individual tickets or some combination for your trip. It also details how to use the pass and what to avoid to get the best use out of a pass.… - Italian train schedules & prices. You can find links to the various national train sites on the Man in Seat 61 site above. - hotels/B&Bs - prices for the same hotel can vary hugely depending on the season and what local events are going on. - hostels. - monasteries & convents that offer accommodations

    You can also look into camping or couch surfing as cheaper alternatives for accommodations.… - festivals, exhibitions and events - information & advice

    For sightseeing prices: check the websites for entrance fees for the museums & galleries you're interested in. I spend anywhere between nothing and 40 euro a day depending on exactly what I go to see when out exploring. For food, I spend around 25 to 50 euro for a meal, but you can eat for less. A pizza is 8 to 13 euro and a panino or wrap is around 3 to 6.50 euro in many places. You can often get food at festivals at a relatively low price. You can also shop in the markets and put some meals together for yourselves.When I travel, I like to try the local specialties and the good restaurants.

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