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Stevan ridley and jordy nelson for dez bryant ?

I have

Andy Dalton

Arian Foster

Stevan Ridley

Jordy Nelson/kenbrell Thompkins

Hakeen knicks/ Steve Smith

Jimmy Graham ]:<

and Danny woodhead

He Has

Andrew luck

Lesean McCoy

Eddie Lacy

Dez Bryant\T.y. Hilton(who's not starting)

Randall Cobb/miles Austin (who's probably going to start since Cobb is out )

Kyle Rudolph

And Roddy white

If not a fair trade tell me what would be a good one to offer as you can see im in dire need of a legitimate/consistent WR

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  • 7 years ago
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    Problem here is you'd be relying on Woodhead every week for your RB2...I wouldn't take this because Cobb/Jones are out for GB and Nelson will get a lot of targets for the next few weeks. Maybe do this trade in 2 weeks?

  • Jared
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    7 years ago

    I don't get why either team would accept this trade. This severely hurts your RB situation since Ridley is your clear #2. I don't see that you are that weak at WR. You have Nelson, Nicks, and Steve Smith. That could be a lot worse.

    At this point, Nelson is going to be close to Dez Bryant, so I don't see this as being a good trade for you at all. But then again, the other guy really cannot afford to lose Dez Bryant (he's a lot weaker at WR with Cobb out than you).

    If you are giving him Ridley and Nelson, then I want Lacy in addition. You need a replacement for Ridley if you trade him.

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