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Is it weird that I still use vinyl records, vhs tapes and casettes?

So i still use vinyl records, vhs tapes and casettes. I mean don't get me wrong i have an itunes library and music on my phone and dvds. I just like how these are tangible and cheaper and vinyl in my opinion has a better sound compared to mp3's. Its it weird i still use these?

And do you still use them?

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    No, it isn't weird.

    A lot of people, including myself, still use older technology

    for at least some of their entertainment, and also for other reasons.

    My record collection includes many, many hundreds of shellac 78s

    (I have good equipment for playing these, as well as for LPs and 45s),

    and even some Edison Diamond Discs (80 RPM, vertical cut).

    The vast majority of my audio cassettes and VHS tapes were bought blank:

    I have always preferred to make my own recordings.

    Almost every Monday night, I record something on a cassette

    (Amateur Radio Newsline, broadcast through a local 2-meter repeater).

    I also have three Sony DVD recorders (two RDR-GX7s

    and one RDR-GX315), a Philips CDR820 CD recorder,

    and a Sangean DAR-101 digital recorder (MP3 on SDHC).

    My CD collection amounts to well over 1250 commercially-made items.

    I have a Pioneer CLD-D702 LaserDisc player

    and over 200 titles in that format.

    And, of course, some commercially-made DVDs,

    but not a huge number of them -- yet.

    The bottom line is...

    Use whatever works, especially if you've already paid for it.

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    to circumvent the new, unusable version.]

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  • Liz H
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    6 years ago

    I was afraid you might throw in 8-tracks.....


    If you still have the equipment to play them on, great. I gave mine up in the divorce and kept the computer, and my iPod. I already imported all the CDs from our joint collection that I might want to hear.

    What might be weird is that I kept all my old LPs and 45s and have nothing to play them on....

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