Theology homework help?

Explain in detail and give example of how jesus might call people today. Be prepared to share ur example. You may use any type of media, pictures, posters,etc. each person will present their version of jesus calling them to follow him.

Be as creative and up-to-date as possible

Any idea???? Pls help

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    7 years ago
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    The presentation may change, but the methodology remains constant.

    Confession: The people Christ calls must agree that the way they live their lives falls short of the glory of God. The best way to do that is not by casting pearls before swine as they do in Y Religion & Spirituality, but by loving your neighbor and one another. Love is the manifestation of Christ's charity, forgiveness and humility in the face of a society driven by pride, vanity, lust and greed.

    Repentance: People of Christ must be willing to unconditionally surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and be willing to change their direction according to His will. This comes about by prayer, reading His Word (the New Testament), and obedience, regardless of the consequences.

    Atonement: They must appreciate and accept the pardon (atoning sacrifice) of Jesus Christ for their sins, realizing that it is through his death alone that God the Father pardons us and allows us to live under grace. The manifestation of forgiveness is inner peace in the face of all adversity and circumstance.

    Understand that the media IS the message. Your media is the web, FB, Twitter, YouTube, chatrooms, texting, etc. Ekklesia (church) is NOT a calling IN; it is a calling OUT. The conduct of you and other young Christians must encourage others to leave the dark corners of multimedia and to step into the light. You stay on the straight and narrow.

    You know where the good websites are. You know the FB networks that promote Jesus Christ and his teachings and which ones that don't. You know the contemporary gospel music on YouTube and can discern that which glorifies the Lord and does not feed the pride, lust, vanity & greed of the masses (you must be able to tell others which is which and why). You leave chatrooms and threads which do not glorify God and do not cast your pearls before swine.

    Now go to the Yahoo Religion and Spirituality forum, practicing what I preached, and then complete your project.

    Source(s): MDiv.
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