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I have a stocking question regarding my freshwater 20 gallon high tank. It was established a couple of years ago, is fully cycled, heavily planted, has two 20 gallon HOB filters (gentle flow). Parameters 0/0/10-20, soft to medium hardness, pH 6.8 - 7.0. Small doses of Aquarium Salt, Seachem Flourish root tabs, liquid co2, liquid ferts, Regular maintenance (1/4 - 1/3 water changes every weekend, vacuuming, removal of any plant debris, etc). The tank is stocked with 3 bronze cories and one peppered cory, 7 neon tetras and 1 betta. I understand that there is less surface area with a high tank versus a long tank, but feel that I should be able to have a FEW more fish with my tank conditions and maintenance. Some people say yes, some say no, I've read the forums for stocking capacities, now I would like to simply pose the question publicly for a greater response. I've seen many tanks with successful larger stocks: two small shoals, one or two centerpieces, and bottom feeders with an oddity or two, such as ACFs or Kuhli loaches. I do not want to overstock my tank, but would like to add maybe an oddity or if possible, another small shoal (perhaps five Harlequin rasboras, or at least add three more neons (seven look adequate when schooling, but they are so small and even with the quantity of plants the tank looks empty). Please advise. Thanks!!

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    DO NOT put an african clawed frog in your tank it will eat all your fish, however african dwarf frogs(ADF) would do good get a couple they like company(make sure water level is below 18" for adf, also make sure the cories are too big to look like food for the adf also the neons may be at risk but should be ok) and you can add 3 more neons and a couple of cories and that would be it full i would like a 20 long for khulis

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    I asked this question before at an aquarium shop, and the answer I got in reference to how many fish I could have was this: For community fish(neons, bala sharks, etc) = 1 gal of water for every 1 inch of fish length. For aggressive fish= 3 or more gallons per inch of fish(cichlids)

    Example: 30 gallon tank could have 30 fish that are 1 inch long, or could have 10 fish that are 3 inches long.

    For reptiles I don't know.

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    You could add 2 platy or maybe look at 6 Dwarf Rasbora,

    Stay away from frogs they need shallow water and it wont be suitable for your tank ,

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