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What is meant by the word "held" in this context?

Facts of the Case

A federal district court convicted James Eric Moore of possessing cocaine base (crack cocaine) with intent to distribute and sentenced him to 188 months in prison and 6 years of supervised release. Mr. Moore appealed arguing the district court improperly sentenced him when it failed to consider the disparate treatment of crack cocaine and powder cocaine in the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

The Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit affirmed. On appeal, the Supreme Court remanded with instructions for the court of appeals to consider Mr. Moore's case in light of its opinion in Kimbrough v. United States, where it held a judge "may consider the disparity between the Guidelines' treatment of crack and powder cocaine offenses." The court of appeals affirmed once again. It reasoned that the district court was aware it had such discretion, but chose not to exercise it in Mr. Moore's case.

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    "where it "held" a judge"

    this means the judge is given the authority to interpret the Guidelines. In place of "held " one could substitute words such as "deemed" or "ordained" too.

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    held = determined.

    I think that the racism in the cocaine v crack cocaine issue is despicable.

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