where can I find a sophisticated, monogamous man?

I'd like to live somewhere where my chances of finding a man fitting the following characteristics is higher than average:

-clean shaven

-dresses well, at least tries to match

-is educated

-does not follow any religion

-likes socialism and thinks taxation is necessary to a properly functioning country; supports the Affordable Care Act and knows it's the same as Obamacare

-wants a monogamous, long-term relationship

-would never go to a strip club, cheat, hire a sugar baby etc.

-enjoys art galleries, travelling

-is vegetarian

-doesn't like sports so much

I suppose I'm attracted to more metrosexual types.

The exact opposite of a guy like the following:

-has a huge, unkempt beard

-is fat from spending so much time indoors playing video games, eating lots of meat, and giving no thought to what constitutes a healthy diet. likely to get heart disease.

-rowdy and undivertable attention when sports come on, namely football.

-is open about his sleaziness. has posters of bikini clad girls on his wall or computer desktop.

-has strong opinions about things he doesn't know about. posts angry, rude comments on Youtube which lack logic.

-despises vegetarians, makes fun of vegans

-despises liberals...

-has a Confederate flag on the back of his truck

-watches porn for at least an hour a day, would love to hire a camgirl if he could

-or, he's rich and has a sugar baby/mistress behind his wife's back...discretion is very important to him, to protect his reputation as a career/family man

-or, he is hipster-esque, tries to look cool in instagram shots, wears funny glasses, and only dates.

-despises police and people with money and power

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  • Tina
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    6 years ago
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    Your requirements are relatively specific and in the US hard to come by. Most sophisticated guys have several girlfriends, they eat a well rounded diets that includes a steak once in while. They may not watch porn but if somebody handed them a ticket to Miami Beach or Ibiza they wouldn't hesitate. They don't drive a pickup but an BMW. My first year of college I lived in the dorm and as such I knew a lot of guys that lived in dorms. By and large to a man they all bikini girls on the their walls, computer desktop etc, more than a few had Estella Warrens famous topless by the pool poster. One had a picture of Ariel the Mermaid with no clam shells. That's normal. They all to a person would be over at the football stadium or the field house on saturday afternoon/evening. Most of them were apolitical. If you want something like what you're describing the first thing you better do is move to London. You're not going to find it here.

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  • Most of the points u have actually describe a Christian man genius. Open ur eyes. They're EVERYWHERE!

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  • Brie
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    This is pretty particular. Maybe try browsing online dating profiles.

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