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how come I never see asian women and white men couples on tv?

i thought that was the most common interacial couple.

oh, maybe this is why i stopped watching western tv altogether.


@ Elmo, but Australia is a white country - and that is where I'm from.

Update 2:

But such a small pick facade, no wonder I don't see any.

Update 3:

I can say whatever I want Differ, geezus, stop taking this question as a reflection of MYSELF, I was merely trying to get answers as to why there is a lack of Asian women/white men couples when clearly, many statistics show it IS the most common interracial couple. a simple search in google will confirm this.

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    Ming-Na Wen Stargate Universe and some guy.

    Keiko Agena's Drummer character and her BF on the Gilmore something show.

    Rosalind Chao and Colm Meaney on Star Trek DS9

    Grace Park (Stargate and Hawaii 5-0) and some Drummer guy in my dreams.

    Tia Carrere and pretty much every white guy on Relic Hunter (1999).

    Liza Lapira and some lab technician guy on NCIS.

    Navi Rawat and David Krumholtz in Numb3rs. (She is Indian, is that okay?)

    => Okay, Lauren Tom and 'Ross' on Friends.

    => Lauren Tom again and 'Frey' on Futurama.


    Okay, thought of another one.

    => Jennifer Tung and the guy who turned out to be a shape-shifting demon on Angel season 1. And she played also Sulu's daughter in Star Trek.

    Hey. This is out of the top of my head and a few IMDB searches (for spellings). Give me a freakin' break eh? Besides, now I have Ming-Na Wen and Grace Park in mind and I cannot think straight.

    @Rawr: Good one. Kristin Kreuk is ½ Dutch and ½ Chinese. Great pick. Your "Athena" is Grace Park.

    Added: All right, Werbie. There is ONLY ONE WAY to settle this:

    Youtube thumbnail

    "I'll give you television. I'll give you eyes of blue."

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  • 6 years ago

    Why do some people get so offended at everything? Why do you care that you never see Asian Women + White Male couples? I honestly don't see why this would be "offensive" seem to be implying that you somehow view this as being racist or sexist. I don't understand why.

    It's not like they've ever done a quantitative study of how many different interracial couples there are on television for each possible pair of races. You are just going off your anecdotal experiences. Maybe there are some people that have seen a LOT of Asian-White couples on TV, but haven't seen that many of a different racial pair.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You never see it on Asian tv because there aren't many white people in Asia. There are hundreds of thousands of Asians in white countries so it's a little more common.

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  • RAWR
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    6 years ago

    athena and karl agathon.

    nikita and her boyfriend, the dude who played in that cancer movie.

    kristin kreuk and superman.

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