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What are some major railroad companies from 1800-1861?

I have a 1000 point presentation due tomorrow on the railroads of 1800-1861 and I can only find two. B&O and Mohawk and Hudson. I need one or two more to add to my prezi. if you know some facts about them too, that would be extremely helpful! Thanks.

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    These are the Rail Roads that existed in New York

    lbany Port Railroad (APD)

    Arcade and Attica Railroad (ARA)

    B&H Rail Corporation (BH)

    Batten Kill Railroad (BKRR)

    Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad (BPRR)

    Buffalo Southern Railroad (BSOR)

    Canadian National Railway (CN)

    Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) including subsidiary Delaware and Hudson Railway (DH)

    Central New York Railroad (CNYK)

    Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad (CLP)

    Conrail Shared Assets Operations operates Staten Island Railroad

    CSX Transportation (CSXT)

    Depew, Lancaster and Western Railroad (DLWR)

    Falls Road Railroad (FRR)

    Finger Lakes Railway (FGLK)

    Genesee and Mohawk Valley Railroad operated by Depew, Lancaster and Western Railroad and Mohawk, Adirondack and Northern Railroad

    Housatonic Railroad (HRRC)

    Livonia, Avon and Lakeville Railroad (LAL)

    Lowville and Beaver River Railroad (LBR)

    Massena Terminal Railroad (MSTR)

    Middletown and New Jersey Railroad (MNJ)

    Mohawk, Adirondack and Northern Railroad (MHWA)

    New York and Atlantic Railway (NYA)

    New York and Lake Erie Railroad (NYLE)

    New York New Jersey Rail, LLC (NYNJ)

    New York and Ogdensburg Railway (NYOG)

    New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway (NYSW)

    Norfolk Southern Railway (NS)

    Ontario Central Railroad (ONCT)

    Ontario Midland Railroad (OMID)

    Owego and Harford Railway (OHRY)

    Providence and Worcester Railroad (PW)

    Rochester and Southern Railroad (RSR)

    SMS Rail Lines of New York (SNY)

    Somerset Railroad (SOM)

    South Buffalo Railway (SB)

    Springfield Terminal Railway (ST) including subsidiary Pan Am Southern

    Vermont Railway (VTR)

    Wellsboro and Corning Railroad (WCOR)

    Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad (WNYP)

    Source(s): Looked them up on Wikipedia
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    Railroads, as in 'steam trains', did not exist before the late 1820s. But surely by 1861 there were many companies in the USA? In Britain there was the famous Great Western, engineered by Brunel, and several others whose names i can't quote accurately.

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    Heres an interesting fact, rancho sante fe railroad owned the

    land in that city and had planted hundreds of eucalyptus trees for railroad ties, however the tree

    proved to be a bad dea because the wood splits and twists with age,so they gave up the idea and the land which

    I believe created the attraction for the wealthy to buy

    in that area due to all the beautiful trees. Research it

    for an interesting footnote to your speech.

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    Pay Attention in History Class, I honestly did awesome with powerpoints.

    in 7th Grade I had a 90 in History. In 9th Grade a god damn 70.

    I just gotta do better..

    Look it up on wikipedia.

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