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Why do people get so offended by the Confederate flag?

I know it has something to do with the country splitting up that one time and the Civil War and all that fun stuff, ubt was it really that terrible?

I learned about it in school and I thought it was pretty cool for them split apart and form your own country or whatever (please don't be mad at me), but everyone else hates it.

So why is that?

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    Because most people are ignorant about the cause and the drive behind the southern states' secession from the Union. Most believe that the ACW was about slavery. It was in a sense, but it was mainly about the federal government imposing their power over the states. The Constitution delegates most power to the states with the federal providing an over-watch to make sure that unconstitutional events didn't take place. The conflict was whether or not new states admitted to the Union would be slave states, not to abolish current slavery (which did occur half-way through the war). The "Confederate flag" most people think of is the battle flag. It was designed because of the confusion between the southern and northern flags in battle because of the similar layout. The battle flag was adopted after the First Battle of Manassas (or Bull Run depending on which side you're looking from).

    The flag below is the Stars and Bars (Southern national flag).

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    Source(s): Civil War reenactor from Texas
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