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What does health care labor shortage crisis mean?

I was reading an article and I simply can't understand what "health care labor shortage crisis" means? Does this mean that doctors/nurses are getting cut?

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    It means that there are too many patients for the number of physicians to handle. Each doctor can treat only so many patients in a day.

    I presume this question is related to the Affordable Care Act. With many people who now do not have health insurance now being able to get it there will be an increase in the demand. More demand equals more health care providers needed to meet it.

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    The talk about it is that with Obamacare there will be something like 30 million additional people with health insurance and no additional doctors and nurses to care for them. This could become a real issue in healthcare delivery because becoming either a doctor or a nurse takes many years of education. It's not a problem that can be solved overnight.

    Source(s): I'm an old nurse!
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    It means there's not enough doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

    That's what a shortage is.

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