Why do we hate water bugs?

Why do we hate water bugs? And by this I mean, I freak out when I see em, and can't rest in piece till I kill them. I dislike picking them up as well, I do it with a little sweeper ind dust pan. I will not use my hand or a napkin! And just forget about it when one of them takes flight!

Just recently though I found two dead waterbugs in my room. It was awful finding the first one, I was like.....how long was that there omg! I walk past this! Then after I picked that one up I found another and was like, omg wtf!!!!! I sit here! It's really the thought that counts in this situation. Thinking, how long were they there and could I have touched them? Why are they there, am I not clean enough?

I'm not in my room right now cause after I found the second one I had had enough. And I had to scrape it to get it up! My god! Clearly I can handle killing and picking them up even though I seriously dislike it. But why? Why must I get chills from my feet up to my body! How come I can't just do it quick and easy!

I know it's not just me. People generally dislike the hell out if cockroaches, waterbugs, whatever you wanna call em. If that was true they wouldn't be used as a challenge on fear factor!

So my question is.... Why!?!?! I even tried to stare at the waterbugs in the dust pan. Doesn't seem like something you can get used to! Gaaaaahhh!

Oh an should I burn my room down?


Oh and just to clear things up according to one of the answers here. I don't have a problem with spiders or anything. It's just the water bugs I'm talking about here.

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  • Mark
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    "We" don't, but apparently YOU do.

    Anyway, people often dislike bugs precisely because of your reaction ("I walked past that? It could have gone in my mouth!")

    I'm not particularly grossed out by spiders, but when I see a large one in my bedroom, it sort of bothers me.

  • .
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    They probably crawl on you while you're sleeping, and you aren't aware of it. They should die.

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