Aren't there more rich liberals than conservatives?

First of all, only about 5% of the population in America is "rich", and about 10% of the population are millionaires. Now...if conservatives make up the "rich" party, well that's 5% of 316 million people which is only like...16 million people and you wouldn't have much of a political party with 16/316 million people so that doesn't make sense. And explain this...many politicians are wealthy and there are a lot of liberal/democrat politicians. Also, just look at Hollywood. It's safe to say a majority of those people are liberal. Therefore, well, you do the math.


Unless you explain, I don't see how. And even if you did explain, I still would not be convinced.

Update 2:

I'm not arguing for liberals. Actually, I'm just annoyed that liberals always say the conservatives are so rich, yet, there are many rich liberals too.

Update 3:

Well, I was born into the middle class. I'm not spoiled and I went to the same schools as everyone else. Oh, and I'm a conservative than plans on being a politician. What do you think about that?

Update 4:

Also, I'm not talking about HOW they earned their money. I'm talking about the fact that there are rich liberals but people only single out the rich conservatives likes that's all we are. I'm not rich and I doubt I ever will be. Even I if I am to become rich, I don't plan on being greedy like you all claim conservatives to be.

Update 5:

Don't get me wrong, I'm a conservative lol.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The elite are well educated and highly informed. that means they're neither liberal or conservative. we simply impose our rabble logic onto them.

    The GOP panders to the very rich...the Romney/Ryan tax plan would have shifted the tax burden from rich to middle class and poor.

  • 7 years ago

    It depends if they were born rich or made themselves rich.

    Everyone who was BORN a millionaire always has a huge sense of entitlement, thinking the poor and middle class don't matter, that the world revolves around themselves, and that they are entitled to the world on a silver platter. If someone grows up a spoiled rich brat as a child they will inevitably become a conservative when they "grow up". Good examples include the Koch Brothers and Mitt Romney.

    People who were born poor or Middle Class and actually earned their way up into the 1% tend to be liberals. They went to the same schools as everyone else, they weren't spoiled brats as children, and they realize that they aren't any more important or deserving than anyone else. Good examples include Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, etc.

  • 7 years ago

    There a few rich liberals that actually earned their wealth, Bill Gates for one, most of the rest got rich by being politicians, like nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Or entertainment industry celebrities and yes professional athletes are in the entertainment business.

  • meg
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    7 years ago

    There are more liberals who are high income professionals but the really rich (1 million ) run companies or work on wall street and most of them are republicans but not cultural conservatives like low income Republicans. That is why the Republican party is devided.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Yahoo recently released a "study" - they called it "the richest in Congress", coincidentally their top "results" were majority republican. The only reason they would have done this is to paint republicans as evil, rich white old men out of touch with Americans.

    Ironically enough they revolved this study around congress only. Because if they had named it "richest people in government" - obama, pelosi, reid, cuomo, dianne feinsteinn would all be at the top of the richest people's list. You see, they manipulate whatever circumstances they have to do make it seem like their opposition is evil, even when that's not true. Truth doesn't matter anymore, it's all about propaganda.

  • Frank
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    7 years ago

    A large political donation from one persion has far more influence than just one vote.

    The reality is that the best idea in the political discussion does not win on its own. The speaker with enough money raised to repeat a sound bite over and over tends to have an advantage.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The Kennedys and Clintons are very rich. And most don't know it but Obama makes $70,000 per MONTH on his investments

  • 7 years ago

    LOL... In one question by liberals, conservatives are a bunch of poor, uneducated trailer trash and in the next, they're all suit-wearing fatcat limo jockeys who are big powerful CEOs. Well, liberals, which is it?

  • Chuck
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    7 years ago

    I doubt it. You cannot get very rich with that kind of thinking.

  • Yes it's true. And more trailer park dwelling, backward welfare recipients are conservatives. Figure that sh*t out.

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