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Song titles that would make good boys/girls names?

I'm gonna be a mama to my second child and figure I should get as much of a head start as possible. I named my two year old after a song I like and figure I could do the same here... haha

Please and thank you

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    What is your two year old's name? That way we don't pick the same name.

    Some Girl name songs:

    Stacy ('Stacie's Mom')

    Hailey (Hailie's song by Eminem)

    Kim (also an Eminem song; but probably not the best song to name someone after)

    Helena (song by My Chemical Romance)

    Delilah (Hey there Delilah by Plain White tees)


    Mandy (Berry Manilow)

    Janie ("Janie's Got a Gun")

    Billie Jean (Michael Jackson; for a boy 'Billy Gene')

    Jenny (also called "867-5309")




    Brenda ("Brenda's Got a Baby" By Tupac)

    Beth (Kiss)

    Harper ("Harper Valley PTA")

    Jolene (Dolly Parton)

    Some Boy name songs:

    Stan (by Eminem)

    Marshall Matters (Also an Eminem song; about himself)

    Jack (Jack be Nimble, Little Jack Turner)

    Daniel/Danny (O Danny Boy)

    Jesse ('Jesse's Girl'; Jessie for a girl)


    Abraham, Martin, and John

    A boy named Sioux (Sue) (Johnny Cash)

    Michael (Michael rode the boat ashore)

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    Girls Names:

    Diana - One Direction

    Abigail - Embers

    Adelaide - Anberlin

    Adrienne - The Calling

    Alice - Avril Lavigne

    Amoreena - Elton John

    Angel - Lionel Richie

    Angela - Bee Gee's

    Anna - The Beatles

    Cynthia - Bruce Springsteen

    Lorelei - Styx

    O, Katharina - Billy Murray

    Kelsy - Metro Station

    Lana - The Beach Boys

    All For Leyna - Billy Joel

    Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

    Rochelle - Capt Ric

    Rosalie - Thin Lizzie

    Suzanne - Journey

    Zoe - Eminem

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    One Rode to Asa Bay by Bathory. Asa and Bay are both usable for a boy :)

    With Oden on Our Side by Amon Amarth

    Alexander the Great by Iron Maiden :)

    For girl names:

    Fun question! It made me think of songs I love :)

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    Valerie -Amy Winehouse

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    Basically any song title that contains an actual name.

    Please pick a name you love rather than wanting to have a theme. "haha" Are you taking this seriously?

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    Tom Ford - Jay-Z

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    Oh Denise, doo-bee-doo...I'm in love with you.

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