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Should I buy the Nexus 5 when it releases?

I will be buying a new phone in January 2014 and I guess Nexus 5 is my best option because it comes with amazing hardware and a affordable price.

I want to keep it for 2 years or more. But I have only one fear that Nexus 5 is 32 bit. After Apple introduced 64 bit on iOS, Samsung, Intel and Nvidia have also announced 64 bit chips for mobile devices next year.

Once 64 bit apps start rolling out on Android and iOS wouldn't that mean that my Nexus 5 wouldn't be able to handle them? Because a 32 bit processor can't run 64 bit apps...

So should I buy Nexus 5 or long will 32 bit last?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think you will be ok getting the Nexus 5, I plan on getting it myself. Just like in computers, a 64-bit chip/operating system doesn't provide too much benefit unless you are trying to access over 4GB of ram, which no phone has at the moment.

    Also, this is Google's flagship phone, so I doubt they will tailor their apps to 64-bit any time in the near future and make their own product look bad.

    Even if they upgrade next years Nexus phone to 64-bit, your 32-bit apps will still be around for a long time. I mean Windows Vista has been out 5+ years and people still run Windows XP and other 32-bit systems. It won't disappear overnight and make your phone useless.

    Source(s): Owned the galaxy nexus, nexus 4, and planning on the nexus 5
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