What are Illuminati puppets?

What is the purpose of them?

Let's just say the Illuminati is real and that all those famous singers and actors suspected or accused of being in the Illuminati are actually with them. Why do they send hidden/subliminal messages? Do they want to be found out? I'm really confused.

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    6 years ago
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    KNIGHT is pretty accurate with his answer. But to clarify something about the Illuminati and the music industry, most of the celebrities exhibiting the symbolism are NOT in the Illuminati; a few of them might be such as Jay Z, Kanye West, and Madonna, but whatever their involvement is, it's probably in the lower grades.

    The music industry is comprised of hundreds of companies: record labels, production companies, etc. But most of these smaller subsidiaries are owned by a giant conglomerate like Universal Music Group, Sony Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. These are companies owned by conglomerates that are owned by the wealthy banksters and financial elite.

    Understandably, the Masonic symbolism is all over the music industry, but it's quite ignorant to assume the artists themselves are responsible for the implementation of these obvious signs. Artists and musicians sign contracts with the corporate owned record companies, who provide directors and choreographers for the music video. If you want to blame someone for this occult signature, it's the directors or someone on an executive level, not necessary the celebrities.

    As to the question of why; the Illuminati are not stupid, but they sure believe most of the uninitiated are. Look how many people buy into the youtube videos, that suggest the celebrities are only famous because the sold their soul to the devil. They know people have been hearing about the Illuminati, so they fill the colorful world of the music industry with these symbols to trick people into thinking the Illuminati are just a bunch of celebrities that worship the devil. So while most people are deceived into following this belief, they're not looking into politics or understanding how the world really operates. The Illuminati work much more subversively in the political world; where so many Americans don't understand politics and don't really care about it, they're being misled into thinking it's all in the entertainment business.

    There could also be a more occult reason for these celebrities. People are easily attracts to money, sex appeal and fame of these celebrities. By associating their symbol with these famous people, they may feed off of the positive energy people offer. In the nature of things, when churches pray for someone and that person remarkably gets better, it's not necessarily God's intervention, but where people pray they focus their positive energy onto that person. It maywork the same way with the symbols in the music industry. So when Kanye West tells everyone to hold their diamonds up, they unknowingly make a triangle sign to salute the Illuminati.

    Some artist like Kanye West and Jay Z are initiated through Freemasonry into the occult underworld, but it's not because of their fame, but their skills in business. They are more than just rappers, they both hold prominent positions within their respective record companies.

    I've been researching the Illuminati for several years.

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  • 3 years ago

    Illuminati Puppet

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  • 6 years ago

    Throughout history the illuminati, organized or not, or having the title of illuminati or some other name have preferred to operate in secret. They communicate through symbols such as the Washington monument, etc. That is how they mark their territory and sign their accomplishments.

    People in the media and pop culture are delving into the great secrets and ancient knowledge but they are "Climbers". True illuminati know all too well that fame is not going to help protect their fortune. In the past they were rounded up and burnt at the stake, chopped up, and every other bad thing was done to them.

    The true illuminati puppets go undetected. Well financed, well placed, and well protected.

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    6 years ago

    These celebrities are clueless regarding what all is being pushed in the music videos or movies. The directors and producers are the real magicians , who know what ideas must be implanted in the Public Mind. Illuminati is a cabal of International Bankers and Royal Families.

    The Illuminati has many definations. The Internet is filled up with all kinds of rubbish regarding this subject. Also the elite disinfo agents mix facts with ludicrous fiction and help to discredit everything all together , specialy to new comers and people who really dont understand this agenda. The elite plans the future and they needed the Internet for further implementation of their plans like to engineer the public for the transhumanist phase by hooking them up in virtual reality. But with the free flow of information on the Internet anyone could find about the Elite and their plans , so how to counter this danger the elite decided to give the information to the public themselves. Thats why 95% of the Info on the internet is actually disinfo. There is a lot of misconception and misunderstanding on this subject. The Illuminati in the modern context means the ruling elite. They are the international bankers and royal families of Europe and elsewhere. It has nothing to do with the movement that was started in 1776 called "The Order of The Illuminati" by Adam Wieshupt. The goals of the Illuminati is the creation of one world government and a new world order. Here is an excellent article exposing who they are , how they operate , their plans , why are they successful. Read here http://endalltyranny.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/what...

    Yes. The illuminati is real. I have read hundreds of books , articles and watched hundreds of documentries and radio shows on this subject and i am absolutely convinced that they are real believe me. They are the International bankers , royal families of europe. all the elite plans are happening now like end of national sovereignity , end of national identity , end of true culture etc. There is no need to search for any proof. One should read the books of elite frontmens like H.G Wells , Bertnard Russell , G.B. Shaw , A. Huxley. These people openly wrote about the elites plan in their books and essays. Another good book by their own historian of Council on foreign relation is "Tragedy and Hope" by proffesor Caroll Quigley. Bill Clinton was recruited by C. Quigley. All things that are part of the agenda are rampantly promoted like Global warmming , New age spirituality , electronic currency etc. This is a huge topic. A very good and true researcher on this subject is Alan Watt. Listen to his shows. Here is his website http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com/

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  • 6 years ago

    No they're the puppeteers.

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  • 6 years ago

    The tea party.

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