Who are supplying arms to terrorists?

More than 10,000 people were killed in Iraq bombing, I doubt that terrorists can make that weapons in Iraq, maybe they are Importing that bombs or buying that weapons from another country. why UN inspectors are not in Iraq to Specify which countries are supporting bombing? It is always my questions " WHO ARE SELLING WEAPONS TO TERRORISM?(Africa,Iraq,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Syria,…)" " WHO BENEFITS?"

Why after Iraq and Afghanistan war terrorists all around the Mid East become stronger? U.S. really are fighting with terrorists? Why every years 1000 terrorists are trying to enter Iran? who BENEFITS?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Lind we were in that country for 10 years looking for Weapons of Mass destruction and we found Chemical Biological and Nuclear because they killed Iranians and the Kurds don't you REMEMBER

    The Iraq Survey Group, or ISG, has found hundreds of activities which were prohibited under United Nations Security Council resolutions. Evidence of chemical, biological and ballistic weapons have indeed all been found yet the mention of these finds seems to fly far under the media's radar. Why?

    According to Charles Duefler, a former State Department official as well as deputy chief of the United Nations-led arms inspection teams the types of weapons found are not the specific weapons mentioned by President Bush. " There is a long list of charges made by the U.S. that have been confirmed, but none of this seems to mean anything because the weapons that were unaccounted for by the United Nations remain unaccounted for."

    Both Duefler and David Kay, found Iraq had "a clandestine network of laboratories and safe houses with equipment that was suitable to continuing it's chemical-and biological-weapons programs" a senior administration official told Insight Magazine. According to this official inspectors have also found a prison laboratory where intelligence officials suspect biological weapons were tested on human subjects.

    There is more that has been found though. Among these were uranium-enrichment centrifuges which have one plausible use to build nuclear weapons. Remember that President Bush was convinced Saddam was pursuing nuclear capabilities. Apparently he was right.

    In addition Iraqi scientists have consistently told our inspectors they were under orders from Saddam Hussein to hide their activities from U.N. inspectors. Further, the missiles listed as threats to America have indeed been found yet the media has remained silent.

    Not to say the media has an agenda but the evidence of WMD's has indeed been largely ignored by the mainstream press. Everyone heard about it when David Kay reported to Congress in January that the United States had found no stockpiles of prohibited weapons. That was front-page news. Yet, when Kay testified about the discoveries of the ISG the silence fro the media was deafening.

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  • Kojak
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    6 years ago

    FIRST..... You talk about things you know little about and refuse to research objectively

    SECOND ....I can probably make a "bomb" from things I find under your kitchen sink or in your bathroom. You can make a bomb from camel crap or fertilizer.... What do you think IED means.....( Improvised Explosive Device...... "improvised" ..... look it up)

    THIRD.... Funding for terrorism comes from a wide variety of sources...... in Saudi Arabia it comes often from "blackmail"..... "give us money or we attack innocent civilians"..... In the Philippines the Ceres bus company pays rebels NOT to attack their buses.....Shopping malls pay terrorists NOT to attack their malls

    FOURTH You assume some nasty government (USA ????) funds terrorists????? You mean like America and Israel did supporting Iran against Iraq in the 70's...... You mean like Mortiza Nabavi....the Iranian "I TRAINED" in Tehran to infiltrate Iraq.....the Iranian Special Forces I helped train..... only one problem....USA does not train or fund "TERRORISTS"...... we do not advocate attacking the innocent

    ..... we teach "military tactics" to military or para-military personnel to attack MILITARY TARGETS......NOT INNOCENT PEOPLE.....


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  • 6 years ago

    All the countries in the middle east donate to terrorist groups..they use the funds to buy weapons..

    So we're funding them

    we buy their oil, they send the money to terrorists, who use it to attack us

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