My toilet won't flush all the way?

I have four toilets in my house. Two on the upper (bedroom) level. One on the main level (powder room) and one in the basement.

The two on the upper level don't always flush all the way. The water empties the tank and swirls around the bowl but doesn't completely empty out as normal. It happes more often in one (master bath about 90% of the time) than the other (about 10% of the time). I've adjusted the water level in the back tank and used an auger to loosen any debris. I've also used the liquid solution to dissolve clogs many times. Tried just about everything. I haven't called a plumber to look at it yet.

The other toilets on the main and lower level flush fine.

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  • 6 years ago
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    how old is the toilets? it could be a build up of calcium in the bowl.try clp or lime-a-way,pour it down the overflow tube in the tank.let it set overnight and try it.

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  • 6 years ago

    It depends on your flush valve type. If it's a syphonic flush it could be that the diaphragm membrane is damaged or split, see here for a guide to repairing it: If the flush valve is really old it might be worth replacing the whole valve instead of just the diaphragm (check the height of the valve and size of hole in the bottom of the cistern before looking for a replacement). In the video the valve is in two parts - yours may not which will mean dismantling the whole cistern to replace the valve or diaphragm.

    If the flush is inconsistent (sometimes it flushes better than other times), or pumping the handle tends to make for a better flush, that is indicative of a damaged diaphragm. All syphonic flush valves have a similar appearance so if yours looks nothing like the one in the video, you don't have a syphonic valve. Note that the fill valve and flush valve are completely separate so if the fill valve is different to the ballcock type in the video that doesn't matter.

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