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Can someone fill me in about the government shutdown? Is it still shut down?

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    Yes still shut down. Although some workers have been brought back to work because it turns out we sort of need groups like the FDA to do their job.

    Meanwhile there's been some mumblings about a new deal that would fund the government for the next 6 weeks, but this wouldn't end the shutdown. And during that 6 weeks, the Republicans would negotiate for a more permanent solution but only if Obama will be willing to make unspecified spending cuts.

    I really don't consider that much of a solution at all. Granted it avoids the 10/17 deadline...and just moves out it out to Thanksgiving - essentially wrecking the personal finances for those who are furloughed for the rest of the year, and potentially wrecking the entire economy just in time for the holidays.

    Don't say the Republicans never did anything for you. :-p

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