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How many moves is the average chess game?

BQ: What is your favorite online site to play chess?

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    Usually in the 30-40 range for me, but I'm not that good... At the level I play at, someone has made a mistake by then...

    I used to play at Gameknot... It allows you a day or three to make a move, which I find more enjoyable than the common 15 minute games that a lot of websites have...

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    Chess Game Knot

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    I am going to guess about 50 for serious games among serious players with comparable strength and played with long time controls.

    Obviously the number would be smaller if you included casual games and much shorter if you include mismatches. I once played a simul against a GM that was VERY short. No, I am not going to confess how short, but I will say that I was embarassed :-)

    Your question made me curious so I did a little research. Here are some numbers for you based on the 18 games published in the October 2013 issue of Northwest Chess, a regional monthly chess magazine covering chess in the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.


    Average (mean)= 53

    Media= 52

    Low =33

    high =88

    The players ranged in strength from USCF class B to Grandmaster, but most of the players were either Experts, Masters or International Masters.

    All the games were USCF tournament games with fairly long time controls, no Blitz.

    Age of players ranged from one in his 70's to teenagers.

    Obviously the editors thought the games were interesting enough to publish.

    FYI, games that are shorter than 20 to 25 are often referred to as "miniatures."

    See for example "100 Soviet Chess Miniatures" by P.H. Clarke.

    My favorite internet chess site is gameknot.com because the only internet games I like to play are correspondence games. For more normal time controls I much prefer face-to-face/over-the-board play.

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    About 50 or something and my favourite site is www.sparkchess.com

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