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D07 asked in SportsBaseball · 6 years ago

Tigers 3-0 A's and Tigers advance to the ACLS?

Great pitching by Justin Verlander. He manage to strikeout 10 and go 8 solid innings shutting down the A's batters. I expected the A's to do a better game but Verlander had them shut down. I really thought the A's would advance but i think the tigers have a good pitching staff and batters to stop the Redsox. I hope the Tigers beat the Redsox and go to the world series. Tigers had a good record vs the Redsox this season despite that 20-3 horrible lost @ Fenway Park.


Dodgers vs Cardinals predictions?

Tigers vs Redsox predictions?

Cardinals are definitely going to be a challenge. Hopefully Philadelphia ghost doesn't haunt us like in 2008 and 2009. The dodgers are a way different and better team the one in those seasons.

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    He is a dangerous pitcher with dangerous pitches.

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  • 6 years ago

    oh no the the phillies lol i remember them. the dodgers just really have to win game 1. thats all i can say

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