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nba 2k13 assiosiation bobcats rebuild rate please?

let me know how good you think my rebuild is its the 3rd year and i downloaded the 13 and 14 draft classes

PG Kemba Walker, Patrick Beverly, Keyon Dooling

SG Iggy, Shabazz Muhammad, Ben Mcclemore

SF Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker

PF Blake Griffin, Louis Scola, Kenyon Martin

C Greg Monroe, Chris Anderson

Now just about everyone that is young has an A+ potential and is locked up for a few years

Kemba is a 91 overal and blake is a 93

i could have made trades for actuall players but i wanted to get the young people in the draft and were currently powerranked 1


swear i didnt use any trade exceptions lol

Update 2:

yeah wiggins is like an 87 pretty impressive hopping i can keep them all under contract for a few years

i would have to dissagree on griffin...... hes got all the potential in the world and hes already like an 87

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  • Ray
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    If the rookies are rated good then your team will probably win the title soon.

    You could add a backup center or extra depth at small forward if you want to.

    Source(s): 2k is very realistic but Griffin would never be a 93....
  • 7 years ago

    did u force those trade lol they wnt be there for long to much money u probelly put forced trades

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