How much does a full detail job usually cost?

I have a black soft top 350z and it got some minor and swirl scratches all over the places with some bird poops residue. Is not that bad but I don't want the paint deteriorates any worse. I brought it to this detail shop and they want $600 for a full recondition of the paint to make is show room condition again plus headlights and interior cleaning cause my leather seats is also in bad shape.

Is that a reasonable price?


Okay, when my leather seat is dirty is what they told me so they probably going to simply clean it but is not tearing or anything like that, simply dirty. So I guess $600 is pretty expensive after all..

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    Ok...first they may be considering this a restoration level detail. I'll explain. I do very significant details which include completely restoring interior leather. On a car like yours that would put the price up around $550, but it would mean I was stripping the topical dye off of your leather and re-dyeing it with factory colors. It's a 1 to 2 day job. That could be what they're doing but I doubt it. Most detail shops do not have the training to restore leather. Okay...if they are simply heavy cleaning the leather and then doing the exterior and headlights, this is pretty spendy. Without seeing the condition of your car its a bit up in the air but I did a 370Z in Portland and buffed out the exterior perfectly for $50 including getting out some pretty bad looking paint problems and I did it at their home. The Z cars are really tiny which means you don't have that much to do honestly and restoring headlamps isn't that difficult. For the price they are charging I would also fix any curb rash on your wheels.

    Seems pretty high to me. I've been doing this 15 years and it would be hard to spend $600 on a little car like that. If you want a break-down of what some of these things would cost for such a small car you can go to my website. Other parts of the country or out of us will charge a lot more for this (California, New York, etc.)

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