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How to test for THC content in food?

Is there a test that can check for a level of a THC content in food? Aka other than eating something that you think is laced and getting the body high, is there an actual test to check for THC levels in a food product? Other than sending it to a lab of course. If you were going to send it to a lab, how pricey is that? Please provide details on all. Thanks

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    A huge misconception with marijuana is that it's the same no matter how you consume it, which is 100% FALSE. Taking marijuana as an edible is a completely different drug than smoking it, literally the chemicals which your body react with are completely different therefore the effects are MUCH different. When you smoke marijuana the heat activates THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which gives you the relaxed mental high feeling which people enjoy, by eating marijuana THC has no effect because it's activated by the heat, what actually happens is your liver breaks it down and releases things such as 11-dioxyl, Delta 6 THC, Delta 4 THC etc. This type of high is more of a body high than a metal high like smoking. It's much MUCH more intense and definitely not something you want to take for your first time, especially considering it can take over an hour to fully kick in it's very easy to go overboard with and really mess yourself up. To answer your question on if theres a self testing system to figure out the levels, no. Just when you're making these 'foods' don't go overboard, you should measure every 'ingredient' carefully and write it down, start off really low and work up to where you feel it's the perfect amount then every time you do your baking make sure you measure carefully.

    Always research this type of thing before consuming, you should know exactly what it's doing with your body prior to eating it.

    Have fun!

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