1.5 vs 1.6 roller rockers and would it benefit?

Thinking about changing the rocker arms out for roller rockers I understand the ratio changes the lift but will it effect a lot? And would it be any good for my engine set up? Sbc 350 bored 40 64cc centerbolt heads not the swirl ports dished pistons mild cam 214/224 adv duration and 443/465 lift performer intake and carb headers msd ignition and the head gaskets are .15 thick

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  • 6 years ago
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    Okay the cam is why you need longer rockers because of the higher lift on the cam the stock rockers wont be able to completely operate the valve Even binding if you have a radical lift Now rule of thumb is anything over .500 lift then you need the long rocker you dont need the long ones with your cam But a roller rocker or roller tip rocker will be a nice addition But you dont need long slot rockers and most likely wont see any gains at all The roller eliminates friction ,binding and when properly installed they do all that I would just get a good quality roller tip 1.6 ratio Unless you intend to up the ante with a cam in the future Its unnecessary

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