I applied to Hobby Lobby three weeks ago, now what?

I'm applying for my first job and my heart is pretty set on Hobby Lobby. Should I give up on it? I handed in my application to one of the cashiers three weeks ago, as they only have in-store applications. This past Friday (two weeks after my original application) I filled out another and asked if I could hand it directly to the manager and I was told to come back Monday because they were busy. I did the same thing on Monday and was told the manager was busy, but the cashier took my application and wrote down my name for the manager to call. They didn't have a now hiring sign, but the store was really busy when I went in so I figured they might want people. I'm not sure if I should take the cashier's word to expect a call, call the store on Friday, or just try somewhere else.

I said that I could work from 2 to close (which is at 8) every day. For Wednesday I put my end at 6, Friday end time varied, and wrote varied for both the start and end time on Saturday. Is that enough availability? I said I could average about 20 hours a week.

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    First always continue to search for jobs until you receive an interview and firm job offer. Below are interviews shared by people who applied at Hobby Lobby which may help. Please keep in mind although a retail store may close at 8:00 PM the employees may sometimes not leave until 2 hours pass this time due to the fact clean up and set up is necessary. Good Luck!1

    PT Cashier Interview Anonymous Employee Orlando, FL

    I applied in-person and the process took 3 days - interviewed at Hobby Lobby in September 2013.

    Interview Details – HL still uses paper applications, that are usually displayed at the front of the store. There is no personality test, just sections for information, work history, education, and references. Also on the app is a very lengthy Mutual Arbitration Agreement, expectations of employment, and an authorization "umbrella" for the arbitration, at will employment, drug tests, and background check.When I filled out an application, I included my resume and cover letter. I was called about scheduling an interview within 24 hours of returning it to the store. The interview lasted almost an hour. We talked about the history of HL, and what their plans are for the future. We also talked about my work history. There is a Math test of about 20 questions. It's mostly about finding the sale price of an item that is a percentage off. The last few questions had to do with finding the correct price with added sales tax. I was called by the end of the day, and was told that I was hired.

    Interview Question – What would you change about yourself?

    Any Position Interview Anonymous Employee Florence, AL

    I applied in-person and the process took 4 weeks - interviewed at Hobby Lobby in August 2013.

    Interview Details – After 3 weeks from returning application in person and hit-n-miss follow-ups with manager, I was called in for interview. Before any consideration for interview, however, I was given a math test in which there were between 15-20 questions. Math test had to be done by hand, no calculator, and within 45 minutes. I was not given an interview because I was not able to complete everything.

    General Store Employee Interview Anonymous Employee Prescott Valley, AZ

    I applied in-person and the process took a day - interviewed at Hobby Lobby

    Interview Details – For my interview I was asked to come in and fill out an application, I talked to the manager for about 30 minutes with the typical interview questions, "Why do you want to work for us, what do you know about the company, what is your availability, etc." And after that I was hired on the spot and asked to come in the next day to work.

    Interview Question – There was no difficult question, but you do have to take a math test about percentages as part of your interview. If you aren't good at math this can be very difficult.

    Cashier/Stocker Interview Anonymous Employee Lawrenceville, GA

    I applied in-person and the process took a day - interviewed at Hobby Lobby

    Interview Details – I called to see what the best time would be for me to drop off my application and received the answer of "Whenever." When I submitted my application, I met with the manager to introduce myself and was called four days later to confirm an interview for the next morning. I made sure to arrive 5 minutes before my appointment but not any earlier as interviews tend to be scheduled one right after the other. The interview started with a 1:1 conversation that consisted of a question of availability, what the store was looking for, and what newcomers should expect. I found out that those selected for an interview are already hired, but then we're to be given training and some field work to see if we're worth keeping. After the interview, I was given a simple math test (you're given scratch paper) and a typed review of what was to be expected of me as a cashier. Overall, the interview was comfortable; polite but not stiff.. Not many personal questions probably because my resume included a brief description of not only my skills but my hobbies/interests as well; so if you didn't include that defined of a resume to your application, you may be asked about what you like to do or to tell them a little bit about yourself.

    Interview Questions – When are you available?Why are you interested in working with us? •What department are you most familiar? •What are you planning on accomplishing after you leave (I was a college student at the time)? Tell me what you know about Hobby Lobby? (Christian company. Closed on Sunday. Started as a framing business in a garage)

    Source(s): College Career Instructor
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      I did end up calling and was told that they were still reviewing applications. The next Monday I was called for an interview and was hired within the week. Persistence pays off!

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    Hobby Lobby Online Application

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    Call the store and ask to talk to the manager, Tell him that you applied and if they have an opening, to please set up an interview. Mention that you like the store and you are eager to learn. Second, try to applied on line, that way hr will set up an interview. Or, just applied for a different company. a job is a job.

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    if they are not advertising for help then they likely aren't hiring so start looking some place else.

    if they were hiring you would have heard something after sending in 2 applications.

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    the cashier probably feared for her job and tossed your paperwork in the garbage- seen it before-- as restaurant manager. the problem is-- if you dont know the persons--name you handed it too good luck

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    They have probably decided that you are too choosy.

    Try elsewhere.

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