What Amp do I need 3 kicker cvx?

I blew out my 5500 watt BAMF amp pushin my kickers. I got 3 cvx 12' 4ohm. I believe are 750 rms each. Any suggestions will be appreciated

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  • 7 years ago
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    CVX's are dvc's so you'd need to wire them with the coils in series and subs parallel. That would give you a total impedance of 2.67 ohms. If you did that with the bamf5500 the amp shouldn't have had any problems -- although at that impedance it would only produce 1200-1400w.

    If you wired all the coils parallel you would be at 0.67 ohms which would be likely to lead to problems with a lower quality amp like Pwr Ac.

    If you want to get something close to 750 to each sub you need an amp that's 2kw or more at 2 ohms. There aren't many amps capable of that level of power at 2 ohms, and none of them are cheap. Only one I can think of is <$400 -- the audiopipe apcl30001d. It will do around 3000w at 2 ohms. It's $340 at vminnovations.com.

    Beyond that you'd be looking at something like the Alpine mrx-m240 which is right around 2kw at 2.67 and it's $500. There's also the Kicker zx2500.1.

    The other thing to consider -- amps that powerful require a LOT of current from your electrical system. A stock alternator would probably only survive a few months at best. You're going to want to look into your high output alternator options.

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