Eminems new album Marshall Mathers LP 2?

I am prolly the biggest Em fan you will ever find in this world. But I just feel like this new album is going to be so bad. I also feel he should of never called it MMLP2. He is just doing that for sales I believe. The first two singles survival and Bezerk would be the worst two songs on Marshall Mathers LP. Lemme know what you guys think

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes I agree I didn't like Berzerk or Survival at all. When I listen to his older stuff then I listen to Berzerk it just aint the same. I think he is just trying to make as much money as he can then he is going to retire.

    I cant wait to buy his new album but I think it just aint going to be that good judging by the singles he has released.

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