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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsMedicine · 7 years ago

I really want to become a Doctor!?

I'm 28 ( never too late) and through my many years of office admin I'm BORED!!!I left school after my Junior cert because I was dying to get out into the big bad world and the thought of further school horrified me. I've been researching studying medicine here and it sounds really good to me. TCD will accept mature students regardless of their school studies. I'm not extremely intelligent,or academic for that matter, but I have a really good understanding of anatomy and a huge interest in health science. I understand that there is soooo much more to medicine than this and I need to be sure I'm up to it before I apply to college. I didn't do science in school but I do have a keen thirst for it.I feel it's really right for me but I need to be sure! Could anybody recommend a starting point for learning re science etc before applying to college? Medical students how do you know it's right for you? Do you find that mature students perform as well as other students just out of school? When you first attended your first dissection class did it terrify you? Sorry for the huge post!! Thank you!


Thanks so much CaIM, I really do understand there is much much more to medicine that I haven't even heard of!! I have a basic understanding of Science and I will take your advice!! Thanks!!!!

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    7 years ago
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    Are you kidding?

    Of course you can! Just go for it !!!!!

    Do you want to get scarry? Take the Anatomy Atlas, or a little compendium and start learning by heart the human anatomy, else you'll pay like I did, for nothing :)(:

    Have some idea of chemistry & mathematics, some physics (optics, mechanics - just simply elementary things!). Then, just after you prepare yourself this way you will get it (!), the whole medicine!

    Congratulations! Go for it, work hard & you'll have a real satisfaction!

    P.S. You won't have time to work during the studies, such you need... some... money :( There are theoretical classes + practice in the hospital right from the beginning, at least 8 hours a day. You must have a decision and do not THINK about the corpse as a human, no! There isn't! There is no soul or any kind of feelings or anything in there :)

    Have you ever cut a dead chicken, or fish in view to EAT THEM? These are worse our just the same :( And you don't have to eat that corpse ;)

    Source(s): I was in my last year (the 4th) of a huge depression, 45 y.o., and all - ALL - I was keen to do was to suicide :)(: My ultimate chance & drop of energy (after ~4 years of NO SLEEP at all) I've channelled them towards ''doing something good '' and payed for a Medicine University classes... I cannot realize HOW could I drive a car (in my terrible madness of my depression) & especially having the classes & exams OK of the 1st year (less the ANATOMY :) ?) ??? There is one and only God out there! He sees and knows everything! EVERYTHING!!!
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  • 7 years ago

    Hi :)

    Well I'm 25 years old and am still studying and I don't think that being older has any negative effect on your ability to study. In fact, I hated school and couldn't study directly after finishing. Once I started at university I really thrived and have received really good grades, I've even read a few studies that say that mature aged students are more likely to do well than those straight out of school.

    I have done many dissection classes and I don't mind them at all. However, I live in Australia and we don't have to kill/hurt animals ourselves - I'm not sure if that's the same where you're from? I have even worked with cadavers (dead human bodies) and I find it really interesting!

    Lastly, I am studying a science/medical based degree and it is extremely hard although nowhere near as hard as studying to be a doctor. I have the utmost respect for medical students and doctors and I don't think people quite understand exactly what they have to know and understand.

    I don't mean to put you off but having a good understanding of anatomy is just the first 6 months of a 6 years + course. Anatomy is an area that is really very simple and I don't think you will quite understand the difficulty of becoming a doctor until you start the course. If you are saying you are not very intelligent then I would probably reconsider. I generally say go for anything you're passionate about but if you're significantly changing parts of your life at such an important age (such as income etc) then it may not be the best idea.

    When studying medicine you firstly need to have an understanding of chemistry and all of the atoms and molecules that make it up. You need to understand which molecules do what (for example Na+ and K+ role in the action potential of a nerve cell and which ion channels open and when). To understand medicine, you need to link it back to these reactions as well as understand what is happening in the body of this particular individual and take their entire medical history into account (such as hypertension and the fact they may be on a beta blocker - and what that is exactly) and understand how their current medication is affecting and masking their current observations.

    I can't even begin to explain the difficulty and the intelligence that doctors must have to do what they do. If you are intelligent and are passionate about being a doctor then go for it but understand that when treating patients it is completely up to you to do the correct thing and if you aren't intelligent enough then you are entirely responsible for the mistakes you make.

    If you can, try and take up an adult chemistry/biology course, even a short course that may get people ready for college/university and see how you find it. If you find it simple then apply. I'm sure you'll know in your first year if you can cope so at most that's all the time you may waste, and you never know, you may be more intelligent than you think and be an amazing doctor!

    Good luck with everything 😊

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