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Information on draconequus that's NOT discord or mlp related?

I remember when the episode first came out I immediately looked it up and found a few small pages, but now they're gone and everything on draconequus is just mlp stuff. Where do I go to find out more about them?

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    Nowhere really. It was just a creature made up for the show, with "dracon-equus" meaning "dragon-horse" in Latin. I suppose technically Discord or any proposed draconequus could be considered a chimera, which is a Greek word for a mythical being made up of a conglomerate of animals, but that doesn't really answer your question. Sorry I couldn't help more, but I'm afraid there is no decent answer.

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    draconequus is its own myth. A type of chimera yes but it is separate since the Chimera Is a lion a goat and a snake.

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    5 years ago

    Oh cool, I didn t know that. It s just I was reading the book "Rarity and The Curious Case of Charity," and I happened to find the word "draconequus and I was wondering what it meant. Now I know. 😊

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