Downloading a game from steam while playing another game?

Can i download a game from steam (in my case civilization 5) while playing another game that uses steam? Or does playing the game stop the download? Because i would like to play a game while waiting for civilization 5 to download, because my estimate of the game would be like 6-8 hours to download. I understand i can do it while sleeping, but i spend part of the night playing games while taking a break from studying.

Thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    im pretty sure that you can play civ on ur pc while something is downloading

    btw civ V is the best game ever :)

  • 8 years ago

    Just like everything else on the computer... You can do some multi-tasking in Steam... So you can play another game from your Steam library while downloading Civ V.

    HOWEVER, there's 2 things that will happen in the process.

    1) The game you play may not run at full speed... mostly because some of your processing time will be eaten by Steam to download the game. So I wouldn't recommend playing a game with high system requirements.

    2) Your download will take more time to complete... mostly because any game that has online components will eat up some of your internet bandwidth to maintain the game connection. For servers running QoS protocols, playing a game will take priority over downloading a game (which can take priority over downloading something via BitTorrent)... so you'll be prolonging the wait time for your download. While you said 6-8 hours, playing a game online while downloading may push it towards the 8-hour mark.

    The only time a Steam download will be interrupted is if you try to download ANOTHER game on Steam as it'll only download ONE thing at a time, throwing everything else into your "download queue" & will wait until the current download is done (or gets interrupted by another download on Steam).

    Hope that clear things up!

  • 8 years ago

    The download will keep going in the background. It might slow down your gameplay a bit, depending on how well your computer can handle the load and which games you're playing.

    And I agree that Civ 5 is awesome.

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