Does anyone know of a dash-kit for a toyota camry 2013, in order to install aftermarket head unit?

The only dash-kit ive found is this one:

(According to the specs the double din is only 4" and The Pioneer AVH-P1400 I'm looking to install is 5.8")

Side Question: Would an aftermarket head unit help my sub's Sound-quality? My low notes aren't hitting at all and sound really distorted at times.

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  • KaeZoo
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    6 years ago
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    You're confused about the size of the Pioneer head unit. The AVH-P1400 is a double-DIN head unit, and like every other double-DIN, the chassis is 4" tall and 7" wide. It will fit into the kit you linked. The 5.8" spec is the size of the head unit's video screen, measured diagonally. It has nothing to do with the mounting size.

    Whether a new head unit will help your subwoofer or not depends on what the problem is with your existing setup. Subwoofers don't automatically sound better with after-market head units, but if your problem is related to the sub amplifier's connection to the stock audio system, then switching to a new head unit might help because it will have a dedicated subwoofer output.

  • andree
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    3 years ago

    Toyota Camry Dash Kit

  • T-Max
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    6 years ago

    I use Crutchfield to see if it could fit and it doesn't.

    Will you consider a single din unit that has a slide out screen.

    Distortion is bad so quit pushing it. Did you upgrade your speakers?

    You want low notes get something that plays it.

    Powered subwoofer is a cheap option.

    If you're willing to shell out another $1500-2000. I would go with a 5 channel amp and a single 10 inch with front and rear speaker upgrades.

    I have similar set up and it sounds quite nice.

    Alpine head unit.

    PPI equilizer 5 band.

    Polk Audio front Components and rear 6x9

    Soundstream 5 channel amp

    Boston Acoutics 10 inch pair in a sealed box

    A well balanced system that sounds good not meant to turn heads.

    The 5 band half din eq helps tame the highs in the Polk Audio and you have quick access to sound adjustment.

    I paid a pro to install. I can do the work but I wanted it neat.

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