I missed DOOL today. Did JJ get it out of Adrienne?

Did I miss anything important? Thanks in advance.

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  • 7 years ago
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    JJ did not get the info from Adrienne but he had her fooled into thinking he knew and she mentioned that Jack's testimony from the Lawrence Alamian case states what happened. Then she figured out he didn't know. He broke into the Horton house because he knew where his mom kept the transcripts of that trial and read about it. He flipped and yelled at his friends to leave. He later confronted Kayla who admired that Jack raped her. He later threw a chair through the bookstore window when he saw his dad's book display.

    Marge yelled at Sami and EJ, then commercial break I was just a tad late in returning and Marge was crying on Sami's shoulder--no idea. She finished by yelling some more at them and talking killing herself. Their "tonight" is the engagement party. Marge gets the gun out of the metal box.

    Prior to JJ breaking the window, we saw Dan looking at it and telling Jack he wished he were here because his son needs him, and so does Jen. Touching scene.

    That is about all I remember.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes JJ found out that Jack raped Kayla. That's about all.

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