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Audrey asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 7 years ago

Middle names for Mara and Nora?

Just collecting. And plus I love those names (:

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    7 years ago
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    Mara Grace ♥

    Mara Farleigh

    Mara Leighton (LAY-TON)

    Mara Lynn

    Mara Cassidy

    Mara Joselyn

    Mara Selene

    Mara Claire

    Mara Elaine

    Mara Madelyn

    Mara Gabrielle

    Mara Brooklyn

    Mara Casey

    Mara Katherine

    Mara Noelle

    Mara Breanne

    Mara Lynnae

    Mara Blair

    Mara Verity

    Mara Cadence

    Mara Blaire

    Mara Avery

    Mara Camille

    Mara Scarlett

    Mara Amber

    Mara Dilan

    Mara Vivienne

    Mara Rose

    Mara Brielle

    Mara Grace ♥

    Mara Taylor

    Mara Brianne

    Mara Nicole

    Mara Elizabeth

    Mara Jade

    Mara Faith

    Mara Giselle

    Mara Amelia

    Mara Camille

    Mara Noelle

    Mara Julianna

    Mara Delilah

    Mara Alicia

    Mara Brielle

    Mara Victoria

    Mara Lee

    Mara Louise

    Mara Eliza

    Mara Julia

    Mara Sophia

    Mara Darcy ♥

    Mara Anne

    Mara Caitlyn

    Mara Rose

    Mara Amelia

    Mara Lilly

    Mara Jenna

    Mara Rosalie

    Mara Danielle ♥

    Nora Leigh

    Nora Loralie

    Nora Jean

    Nora Mariana

    Nora Lucia

    Nora Jayne

    Nora Gabrielle

    Nora Elaina

    Nora Audrey

    Nora Rose

    Nora Lee

    Nora Jane

    Nora Leanne

    Nora Anna

    Nora Cristyann

    Nora Ann

    Nora Belle

    Nora Rosalie

    Nora Lilly

    Nora Lillian

    Nora Christine

    Nora Elle

    Norra Emma

    Nora Emmaline

    Nora Justine

    Nora Theresa

    Nora Teasa

    Nora Emilia

    Nora Emily

    Nora Beth

    Nora Elizabeth

    Nora Evangeline ♥

    Nora Felicity

    Nora Ariadne ♥

    Nora Leilani

    Nora Delaney Hal

    Nora Juliet ♥

    Nora Gwendolen

    Nora Madeleine ♥

    Nora Magdalene

    Nora Lillian ♥

    Nora Evelyn

    Nora Genevieve ♥

    Nora Meredith

    Nora Violet

    Nora Caroline

    Nora Beatrice ♥

  • 7 years ago

    Mara Marie

    Mara Aubrey

    Mara Scarlett

    Nora Allie

    Nora Miliana

    Nora Riley

  • 7 years ago

    Mara Eve

    Mara Rose

    Mara Eloise

    Mara Nadine

    Mara Juliette

    Mara Christine

    Nora Olivia

    Nora Isobel

    Nora Giselle

    Nora Maxine

    Nora Danielle

    Nora Penelope

    Please answer mine:

  • 7 years ago

    Nora Rae

    Nora May

    Nora Jean

    Always check the abbreviation to see what it reads

    For e.g. if your last name is Smith

    Nora Jean Smith - NJS

    You definitely dont want your child to be

    Nora Ursula Thompson - NUT


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  • Kevin7
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    7 years ago

    I think Serena

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