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What were your Opinions on the Iranian hostage crisis?

This is for a interview I'm supposed to do for Social Studies. I really don't have anyone to interview and want to interview random people so I need answers like right now.

How did u feel when President Carter didnt bring back the hostages quickly and if there were parades when the hostages were returned and stuff like that


plz anwer if u r old enough to remeber this event


Sorry i meant dont want to interview random people

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    I dont remember what I thought about it at the time. With no cable TV, no phone videos, and no internet we didnt have real time news. It was so far away geographically it didnt affect us. Of course the media in the U.S. showed Iran as the villains.

    I was disappointed when Carter didnt rescue the hostages by helicopter but as I recall, someone from England did rescue some of them.

    But Carter did negotiate for their release and the Iranians decided to release them a day after Reagan was in office just to spite Carter because Carter was friendly to the Shah. He invited the Shah to America for medical care.

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    Several attempts were made, The president did what he could at the time with the equipment he had at his disposal.

    There were NO parades

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    Didn't know we had any Iranian hostages?

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