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Mendelian inheritance of PTC help?

1. Based on this data, what can you conclude about PTC taste blindness? What is your evidence?

2. The second parent-phenotype combination would appear to represent a group of testcrosses. What ratios are expected from testcrosses and what does each ratio represent? These data don’t seem to fit either of these expected ratios. How can you explain this?

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    1. PTC taste blindness is about the phenotype in which an individual cannot taste PTC. The table shows that it is recessive since couples who cannot taste PTC never have children who can.

    2. I don't really know what it's asking. I think you just do a test cross for each possibility.

    Both Parents can: TTxTT or TtxTt

    One can one can't: TTxtt or Ttxtt

    Both can't: ttxtt

    Just do the test cross and write the ratio should be easy.

    The data doesn't fit exactly because the sample size is too small and it could depend on the concentration of PTC used.

    Source(s): Hannibal the Cannibal. ;) idk Genetics and years of Bio classes.
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