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Does the ASUS PCE-AC68 support Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN)?

The current driver ( has options in properties related to Wake on LAN but I have been unsuccessful at making it work. I know how to make it work on my Ethernet connection, but since I have switched to this wireless PCIe card, I have had no luck.

I've done the registry and device manager change...

I've ensured Wake on PCI and PCIE are both enabled in the BIOS.

Inside the driver settings, the defaults appear to have Wake on LAN enabled.

Not sure what else to do now and I can't find any official information or instruction from ASUS.


I'm running Windows 7 64bit and using an ASUS P8P67 PRO (REV 3.1) motherboard.

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    Are you sure you want your computer waking up everytime you turn on an (anything at all like a cellphone or a florescent light) RF emitting device?

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