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I like to buy bible where it explains what verses mean and all on the same page?

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    I recommend the John MacArthur Study Bible.

    I have the book, but it also came with a computer version. And I only use the computer version. Within the program, I have two windows open. The first window is the text of the bible, and the second window is the commentary that explains each verse. And these two windows are linked, so when I move down the page, the other page moves too. It's cool.

    It also includes background historical information that helps explain what was going on at the time so we have some idea of the context. This is especially helpful when reading the old testament.

    And cross-reference verses are shown, and if I hover the mouse pointer over them, a bubble pops open to show that whole cross-reference verse. Very fast and convenient.

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    You would like the annotated Bible. Many publishers produce annotated Bibles.

    My favorite is the New Oxford Annotated Bible (NOAB).

    This is a single volume that includes the New Revised Standard Version (older editions include the Revised Standard Version, which is actually just about as good), and there are notes along the bottom of each page with notes of explanation, and also links to other verses that relate to a verse on the page.

    You can get a copy of the NOAB new for a hefty fee, or you can get a used copy (it will be in good condition) for a lot less.

    I highly recommend the American Book Exchange. Its site ( is great. I've gotten dozens of books slightly used at low prices! No, I'm not connected with the guys at all -- I just want to pass along ideas of how to make the dollar go further.

    I believe that Barnes and Noble and Amazon now also have some used book offerings.

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    A study bible. The Orthodox Study Bible.

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    You need a Bible Commentary. It is a separate book that gives the background and alternate translations/meanings of different words and phrases. I find "The Collegeville Bible Commentary" to be a good one.

    There are also a number of Bibles that do have extensive footnotes and cross-references. I like my "Jerusalem Bible" for that reason.

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    You're looking for an annotated Bible and there are plenty of them out there. Unfortunately, I don't know which ones that include the New Testament (grew up as a Jew).

    Though if you want a good annotated Old Testament, I suggest Etz Hayim.

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    You can evaluate many different versions in parallel online at for free.

    Here is an example I chose randomly:

    To get to I just type " matthew 22:23" into the search bar of my browser.

    Here is a web article explaining how to pick a study bible:

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    Strongs Concordance

    different translations of the bible help too

    go to www.

    also The Dakes Bible most Ministers and Pastors use it since their is a Strong concordance in it and commentaries. I have one and it is a fantastic bible.

    Source(s): Camille Christian Believer
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    I second the NIV Study Bible.

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    In my early years I used the NIV study bible, but there are others.

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    I also doubt that exists -

    If you have the space on your hard drive a program called e-Sword works well. for a sample of how it looks,

    And you can d/l it from there for free.

    I have 20 odd Bibles, 5 concordances, and a couple of dictionaries

    All at the click of my mouse.


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