Boyfriend won't stop talking about Illuminati?

How can I get my boyfriend to shut up about the Illuminati? Frankly I don't care and I don't think that the prime minister is going to invite the russians to come kill the poorest 1/3 of our population. To me it sounds stupid, I never buy into conspiracy theories. How to get him to shut up?

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    8 years ago
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    Give him my email then we both can have good discussions regarding the Illuminati , I have tons of info on this subject to talk about.

    BTW why dont you believe in the Illuminati , it aint a conspiracy but a documented fact.

    The Illuminati has many definations. The Internet is filled up with all kinds of rubbish regarding this subject. Also the elite disinfo agents mix facts with ludicrous fiction and help to discredit everything all together , specialy to new comers and people who really dont understand this agenda. The elite plans the future and they needed the Internet for further implementation of their plans like to engineer the public for the transhumanist phase by hooking them up in virtual reality. But with the free flow of information on the Internet anyone could find about the Elite and their plans , so how to counter this danger the elite decided to give the information to the public themselves. Thats why 95% of the Info on the internet is actually disinfo. There is a lot of misconception and misunderstanding on this subject. The Illuminati in the modern context means the ruling elite. They are the international bankers and royal families of Europe and elsewhere. It has nothing to do with the movement that was started in 1776 called "The Order of The Illuminati" by Adam Wieshupt. The goals of the Illuminati is the creation of one world government and a new world order. Here is an excellent article exposing who they are , how they operate , their plans , why are they successful. Read here

    Yes. The illuminati is real. I have read hundreds of books , articles and watched hundreds of documentries and radio shows on this subject and i am absolutely convinced that they are real believe me. They are the International bankers , royal families of europe. all the elite plans are happening now like end of national sovereignity , end of national identity , end of true culture etc. There is no need to search for any proof. One should read the books of elite frontmens like H.G Wells , Bertnard Russell , G.B. Shaw , A. Huxley. These people openly wrote about the elites plan in their books and essays. Another good book by their own historian of Council on foreign relation is "Tragedy and Hope" by proffesor Caroll Quigley. Bill Clinton was recruited by C. Quigley. All things that are part of the agenda are rampantly promoted like Global warmming , New age spirituality , electronic currency etc. This is a huge topic. A very good and true researcher on this subject is Alan Watt. Listen to his shows. Here is his website

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    I don't believe in Illuminati, but those who do can believe in fairies or , aliens or Big Feet if it makes them happy.

    I don't believe any of this but those who believe in illuminati often do.

    NOTE: According to many historianz, Jehovah Witnesses and Mormonz are one in the same and of the Illuminati bloodline. We mentioned Charles Taze Russell's background, the founder of the Mormonz, Joseph Smith, was initiated as a Master Mason in 1842, and many claim that Mormon ritualz are based in Freemasonry. It is also believed that Smith had an Occult teacher named Dr. Luman Walter who tutored him in the rites of ceremonial magic and alchemy. Interestingly, Kemetic themed symbolz are common in Salt Lake City, including a statue of the great sphinx bearing Joseph Smith's likeness.

    Icke writes, "Joseph Smith, along with Hiram Smith and Brigham Young, were the key figures behind the creation of the Mormon religion. They were of the elite of the elite Illuminati bloodline, the Merovingian or "Holy Grail" line, and were all high degree Freemasonz. They were also Satanists and formed their "church" as a front for Satanic activity which very much still goes on today. Why wouldn't it, that is what it is there for. The Mormon empire was funded into existence by the Rothschilds through their Kuhn, Loeb, bank which also funded the Russian Revolution and Adolf Hitler, and yet again B'nai Brith, the Rothschild intelligence arm and defamer of genuine researchers, was involved."

    The Mormonz were also created as a front for Satanizm and, like the Watchtower Society, Enochian magic.Icke speaks of a book by William J. Schnoebelen called Mormonism's Temple of Doom. Schnoebelen was initiated into the Wicca religion, then into Freemasonry, before going through the Mormon initiation in the Salt Lake temple. He showz in great detail that all three initiationz were the same. The same oaths, secret handshakes, and garb.

    The Salt Lake temple is covered with Illuminati symbolz, like the All Seeing Eye, and it is built with granite, a rock which has been used throughout the ages for temples on earth power centres and for esoteric initiation. The Mormonz also use the bee symbol, a classic symbol of the Merovingian bloodine which people like the author, Sir Laurence Gardner, want to kid us goes back to jesus when in fact it is the "Holy Grail" bloodline of the Illuminati, the "purest" reptilian line.

    Joseph Smith carried a dove medallion given to him by an English masonic lodge. The dove is Illuminati symbolizm for Queen Semiramis, the female deity in their Babylonian trinity. The Mormon Church, like the Watchtower Society, is also a front for trauma-based mind control. Many survivorz have told of their horrific torture in Salt Lake City in Mormon buildings and centres.

    You won't be surprised to know, therefore, that the Mormonz and the Jehovah's Witnesses are the same organization at the top level where the Elderz of the Mormonz and the leaderz of the Watchtower Society operate a very different agenda to the one their followerz believe. But what chance have you got of knowing what is happening within your "church" when you refuse to think or question? "Have faith", the mantra of these religious con-men through the ages, really means "Don't think and don't question."

    Part 2 we'll go a level deeper showin' how Hitler is in fact, a descendant of the Rothschild clan as well as other wicked dynasteez...

    Read more from our Current and R-Kyvz Vault

    Source(s): Why are you wilth this guy? What do yo love about him? Maybe you should look for someone who uyou enjoy listening to for a change..
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    8 years ago

    Jessica, your bf may be becoming a bore, however its not very cool to slate someones deep felt beliefs. Perhaps his interest has a foundation of a lot of truth.

    Have you considered he may be right.

    What if there is an organisation that sits hiding behind the curtain the are pulling the strings of elected world leaders that abhere to the furtherence of international Jewry.

    Natham Rothschild financed the creation of this club. He Rothschild has ammassed half the wealth in the world wouldnt be wasting his time and money on nonsense. As a leading Zionist Jew he and his family have financed almost every skimish, revolt, revolution, political assassination and war since the 1700's including 2 world wars.

    Perhaps if you read up on the organisation and the world cartel of Zionist central banks and their collection of politicians, religeous leaders and Monarches around the world, who a controlled by this oppressive elite.

    For instance merely look at the infestation of Jewish pro Zionism within Capitol Hill. Or America's ridiculously oversized militery. I think you will find that there is a throughly good reason for everything, because were not smart enough to understand reason of their existance doesnt detract the fact that there a reality.

    Regarding Russians depopulating, perhaps you should research Mr Rockerfeller, also one of the wealthiest men in the world who has no problem talking on a pet subject of de-population of the globe and his ideas of inplanting chips in humans to aid control of the masses (Goyim). Does that sound a rational interest of a N.Y. Banker.

    The existance of 13 members of an elite club who certainly rule the world and its wealth is fact and this elite could be planning covert politics to reach their ultimate goals.

    Why not enlighten yourself and then he may relax that you understand his worries and be able to talk to him as a knowledgable friend and stop banging on forever.

    Below is a document that is a must read. It will tell you all you need to know regarding the Global Jewry and their true power.

    Source(s): Wikipedia : Rothschild timeline. An amusing cartoon : you tube, how come the Rothschilds own the USA.
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    8 years ago

    Pessimism will tend to lead to negative outcomes.

    So if your boyfriend enjoys the mostly fictional accounts that support discussion of an Illuminati Conspiracy, probably he will experience less success in life and work and not be a pleasant person to be around. Maybe that means you want to find a new boyfriend if you don't relate.

    And if you would choose to relate to the delusions, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson wrote a nice fictional book "The Illuminatus! Trilogy", worth reading if you want to help immanentize the eschaton.

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  • Judith
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    8 years ago

    Totally ignore him when he talks about illuminati. Do not respond. If that doesn't work - get yourself a new boyfriend. I wouldn't want someone that stupid as a boyfriend anyway.

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    8 years ago

    The best thing to do is educate him

    Here I'll help you debunk his illuminati theory:

    Show him where it says History and read it to him.

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    8 years ago

    Why would you want a crazy person for a boyfriend?

    He isn't going to change.

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    No intelligent person holds the same ignorant beliefs as your boyfriend.

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    Maybe you need a new boyfriend.

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    just dont comment or talk back about it and he will know you dont care

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