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how come people are liking xbox one all of a sudden?

when it was announced, everyone was like "this is f*cking sh*t". i know they changed up the DRM and stuff and they allowed used games, but its just the kinect and the fact that they turned a gaming console into a f*cking television and entertainment system. the only good thing i like about xbox one is titanfall and everything else is just crap. ps4 cant upload videos to youtube but cant you just download the video and then just put it on youtube?? wtf happened?? why are people liking that piece of crap?? is it because of titanfall? because if it is, then people are just gonna need to get a life since they are probably only going to play one game 24/7.


and im not saying titanfall is bad, its just that people are like so obsessed with it kind of like how people are obsessed with cod black ops 2, which all those people on there have no life. my point is, i hope like no one buys xbox one just because of titanfall cuz that, is just complete bullsh*t

Update 2:

yeah i dont think "neogaf" is very popular.. i never even heard of that

Update 3:

well i only watch IGN and Machinima, so i dont know what neogaf is or want to know. and im not a "big gamer" because i dont f*cking play all day. ill play once in a while, but i dont really call myself a gamer, im more of a movie person

Update 4:

well crap, im just trying to get some information for f*cks sake. i do play, and i just want to know which console is better. i may not be a gamer, but everyone has to know something. everyone in school is talking about it, every where i go at least one person is talking about next gen consoles. i play video games, but not a big gamer like you. i just wanted some information, nothing more and thats all i ask and you just start a fight. i got a opinion and you do too. but in the past, people just hated xbox one. now they are kind of liking it. why is that? they added and changed some features, but i just dont think the features are as big. i just think xbox just took entertainment a little too far. they just took a bunch of tv channels and some music stuff with radios and crap into a GAMING console. sure, ps2 can play dvds. but does it have like a bunch of apps that you dont really need on a gaming console? its called cable tv im pretty sure

Update 5:

bro you just typed netflix twice when talking about roku box you do realize that right?

Update 6:

and the xbox one dashboard looks almost exactly the same as xbox one.

Update 7:

xbox 360*

Update 8:

well you gotta try something new, right? i just get bored of the same old design i mean like seriously am i the only one that misses the old dashboard or what?

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  • SteveO
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    I don't know if you know this, but you can still play games and not use the additional multimedia features that that Xbox One offers. Consoles have always been entertainment systems...I mean, the PS2 played DVDs, the Xbox was the first console to have an internal hard drive for media storage, the PS3 plays BluRay, and video games are technically a form of entertainment. The Xbox One acts like a DVR with HDMI input, which you don't have to use. You can also choose (key word) to use the variety of video streaming applications that are going to be available to Xbox One consumers. As for Kinect, it's years ahead of what PS Move is currently at, with with the Kinect being bundled with Xbox One, it's going to get better while PS Move continues to suck because no one will buy it...anyone complaining about the Kinect has either never used on or is over-the-top paranoid about things that will never happen. I think a better question needs to be posed here though: why do you care so much what people spend their money on? I can answer the question as to why people, like me, like the Xbox One: we enjoy the superior services offered and don't mind paying for reliable matchmaking and account security.

    EDIT: Dan, you have absolutely zero idea what Kinect is used for, nor have you any clue as to the fact that the PS4 and Xbox One are essentially identical in terms of hardware with a slight, and I mean very slight edge given to the PS4. The original plans with the Xbox One were going to make miles better than the PS4 could have ever dreamed of being, but since modern gamers are a group of ignoramuses they blew everything out of proportion based on the little information that was available without giving Microsoft a chance to explain things. And now that Microsoft has explained things, they still want to act like ignoramuses because modern gamers, like most people on Engadget, Slashdot, Reddit, NeoGAF, IGN, etc. are complete idiots.

    EDIT 2: If you've never heard of NeoGAF, you're not a gamer in the slightest. Let me guess, you've never heard of /v/ either, right?

    EDIT 3: Dan, thank you for proving my point that you have zero idea of what the Kinect is used for.

    EDIT 4: If you're not a gamer, then what are you doing complaining about something as trivial as choice of game consoles? My God, when I think society can't degenerate any further, I'm proven wrong with crap like this where people mysteriously take offense to consumer choice.

    EDIT 5: It wasn't "always on" you half-wit. It was once every 24 hours to validate your licenses, a process that took all of maybe 10 seconds. The people who were complaining about that short check obviously had reliable enough internet to complain about it online. Want to know where the always online part applied? Game updates in the background, background downloads, background content sync, know, stuff that actually exists on PC inside of Steam and Origin. Again, you're only proving my point about "gamers" being ignoramuses.

    EDIT 6: So, they added in Roku functionality? Consoles have been evolving into media centers ever since the original Xbox. Microsoft didn't take entertainment too far; they added exactly what people wanted and gamers got pissed because Microsoft offered choice alongside gaming functionality. There have been no pure gaming consoles ever since 2000. Also, the apps on the Xbox One don't come get to choose to install them if you want to use those services. I honestly don't see the issue in allowing choice for consumers. Xbox isn't a gaming brand; it's an entertainment brand, just like Sony Computer Entertainment (they don't focus purely on gaming either). Not everyone has cable, and I know quite a few people ditching cable for a Roku box that plays Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus* since that has everything they pretty much watch.

    EDIT 7: Yep, keep making yourself look like an idiot're doing a marvelous job, clueless idiot.

    I meant Hulu Plus. The dashboard from the Xbox 360 is a great design...why radically change a great UI you've been using ever since Windows Phone 7, or Zune for that matter?

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  • 6 years ago

    They are not, the fanboys are just coming out of the woodwork again now that they heat has died down. Look at any poll on what gamers intend to buy and PS4 is far, far ahead of Xbox One. Most in the ranged of 4:1.

    Most people are too smart to pay $100 extra for a camera they will never use, along with the system specs of the Xbox One hardly being better than the last generation.

    SteveO: Unless you are a teenage girl playing some dance game, it isn't used for anything.

    Edit 2: Wow this clown is really into the Microsoft koolaid... bet he actually believed that forcing always-on connections was for the player's benefit lol.

    Edit 3: Poor gullible fool... seriously you are just pathetic. Enjoy your glorified cable box, kiddo.

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  • 6 years ago

    Xbox always had an advantage over play station but now Microsofts moneyhungery so there doing ever thing they can to make sure xbox one is better than ps4 since the xbox one reveal Microsoft changed a lot of things on it so now nobody realy knows what it does for sure

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  • 6 years ago

    Because now they can afford it due to it becoming so cheap because the new one is coming out soon

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You are a moron, They have a place for shitty questions filled with bias and lacking any amount of common sense. It is called neogaf. Thanks, hope that answers your question.

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  • blaze
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    6 years ago

    xbox one is a piece of crap. what you are seeing are fanboys

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