Best place to get my piercing done?

So I really want a piercing but how can I tell if the person did it right? I don't want to go to some cheap shop that does it wrong and I have to take it out because of that, so how can I tell if it's done right, and what do I use to clean it with.. My mom said peroxide but this piercer I know of said it'll just dry it out?

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  • 7 years ago

    Do not go to a place like claires that uses a gun. It is better to get it done somewhere that uses a needle, especially if it is a cartilage piercing. Lobe might be ok with gun but better with needle. Do NOT use peroxide to clean it as peroxide can kill / damage the new cells that are growing around the earring to heal it. Use salt water. Get this stuff called H2Ocean. It is great. Spray some on a Qtip and gently clean around the earring. Good luck!!

    Edit: the best places to go are piercing salons and tattoo parlors that have trained professionals. You should call ahead to ask how long the piercer has been piercing ears (specifically the part you want pierced) and how they sterilize their equipment. One use needles are the best!

  • Honey
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Ok one u need to use witch hazel I used peroxide and my ears got infected and get it done at piercing pagoda or Claire's or icings

  • 7 years ago

    make sure the person is trained before they do it, they should have a certificate hanging. look on yelp and check out the reviews of nearby places

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